A message from Izmir to Van: You Are Not Alone...

The students of İzmir Private Çamlaraltı College, sensitively approaching to the social problems, making the necessary planning for the solution in order to make it happen, have started a social aid campaign after the 7.2 earthquake in order to give a message to their friends in Van; "We’re feeling your feelings; You are not alone".

Camlaraltı College,  taking part in numerous social responsibility projects during its 57 year-old history, has been targeting to strengten the humanity of the students studying at the school. During a very short period of time,  with the co-operative effort of students, parents and teachers over 50 aid packages have been gathered. There were many products from food to clothings, from blankets to diapers in the the packages packed by the students.  The aid packages were sent to Van with the assistance of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

In previous years, the students had contacted to many need-demanding schools and villages in East and Southeast Anatolia and had sent them their needs. The students also participated in the Van Atatürk Thought Association’s ‘One Pair of Boot’ / Cold-free Feet campaign.

Çamlaraltı College 2011 graduate Fırat Gürelli, after his visit to Van, has started a campaign in the aid of Van earthquake at his university. He has shown his sensitivity to the social responsibilities and set a good example to his friends.

With the projects of its Social Aid Club, Camlaraltı Koleji manages to teach the students the importance of social responsibility projects in our life and is being a good example to other schools.

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