The earth is shaking for a week - questionable reactions!

The earth has been shaking for a week - questionable reactions!

Canakkale is situated at the Sea of the Dardanelles, which leads to the Maramara Sea.

Through the Sea of Marmara, Istanbul is also located here, there is a major warp line of the earth floes, which repeatedly causes earthquakes in the region during centuries. The current earthquake series near the island of Lesbos in the Eastern Aegean and the Turkish coastal region of Troy has been going on for more than a week now already.

The first quake had a strength of 5.2 after provisional measurements of the Mediterranean earthquake center and occurred shortly before 6.00 local time (5.00 CET). There followed eight more quakes, the strength of which were between 3 and 3.9. At 13.00 and at 1.45 pm (12.00 and 12.45 CET), two new strong earth bursts of strengths of 5.2 and 4.6 occur, which once again frightened the people. The Greek authorities did not report any personal injury to the Greek authorities (ERT).

The Turkish news agency DHA reported that five people had been injured in a village in the Ayvacik region. Some houses and stables were destroyed there.

The center of the earthquake series was located about 60 kilometers north of Mytilini (Lesbos) at a depth of two to twelve kilometers. The region had already been shaken by two earthquakes of 4.3 and 4.7 in the middle of January. Seismologists said in Greek radio, they observe the phenomenon. They could not say how it could develop in the coming hours and days.

Meanwhile CNN Türk reports that more than 200 buildings in many villages in the coastal region of Canakkale show very severe damage.
In the region, earthquakes are sometimes serious. In 2011, more than 600 people were killed in the eastern province of Van. In a devastating quake near the metropolis Istanbul in 1999, more than 17,000 people were killed.

In response to the current earthquake, Ankara's mayor Melih Gökcek has indicated that a foreign conspiracy could be behind the tectonic shocks. Soon an earthquake in Istanbul threatens, he warns. "There was a ship that operated seismic research in the area. What this ship explored and the country it came from is urgently needed to know, "said the politician of the ruling AK party on Twitter.

"The strike against Turkey in the future will be an earthquake near Istanbul to meet the Turkish economy," warned Gökcek, who has more than 3.7 million followers on Twitter. The politician, who ruled the Turkish capital since 1994, also shared a video on Twitter, according to which there are instruments to cause earthquakes artificially.

Gökcek, with his bizarre posts and utterances, makes sure to look up again. Thus, after the failed military coup, the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, who was blamed for the coup attempt, he warned people to be hypnotized and brought to power by means of spirits. Government politicians have also repeatedly been responsible for foreign currency for the decline of the national currency. Melih Gökcek also prophesied the quake at Istanbul as an attack on the Turkish economy.

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