Trip to the fire station at the Canyon at Dursunbey Cayi

Trip to the fire station at the Canyon next to Dursunbey Cayi

As part of our exploring to establish Camper places we were driven to the site of the fire station at the Canyon next to Dursunbey Cayi, an idyllic recreational area with guest houses on 800 meters above sea level.


Once a site with highly recommended guesthouses with restaurants and small hotel in operation, the plant is now mainly broken, is only occasionally used by families for the implementation of family celebrations.


Our view has immediately fallen on these Greco-Roman artifacts, the fire chief described their origin with a location approximately 20 kilometers away.


Further information on the exact location he, however, could not do.


But we will certainly come to speak about this location in the further course of our trips, because this column is clearly the foot of a monument, like the inscriptions say.


In the recreational settlement we noticed this little brick house, which was, however, operated rarely anymore.


In the immediate surrounding area is dense pine and fir forest interspersed with meadows for walks, which can be extended to day hikes.


Smaller streams criss-cross the landscape so that there is quite diversified rich picture ......


...... that the hiker will certainly attract to many photo opportunities and impressions.


By car we then had driven to the opposite side of the canyon where we .....


.... an incredible blooming spot was awaiting us.


Without words......


A first look into the canyon with its impressive rock formations.


And again and again brilliant colors and magnificent natural sculptures, here the washed and dried roots of a tree.


Then again magnificent stone monuments along the river, which is ideal as a trail along the river bed, .....


...... at least as long as the water level is low.


A little later we came across this spring, which is often used by the locals to obtain their drinking water.


Then again the forest opens up and gives a view of the river Dursunbey. Untouched nature on many kilometers.


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