The Lake Constance district extends along the northern shore of Lake Constance with the adjacent Upper Swabian hill country, which merges into the West Allgäu hill country in the east.
In the Lake Constance district there are 33 nature reserves with a total area of 1217.26 hectares; this corresponds to a share of 1.83 percent of the area of the circle. In addition, there are 27 designated landscape protection areas, three bird protection areas, a protected forest, two protected forests as well as a total of 175 natural monuments and 4508 biotopes.

Sepp Bögle, the stones-stacker from Radolfzell

Sepp Bögle, the stones-stacker from Radolfzell

The repetition of a television program on the subject of "extraordinary activities" had made us aware of the activities of Sepp Bögle who is building stone-stacks to small art works without adding any glue or other helping materials in Radolfzell during the summer.

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