Day trip to Landsberg am Lech

Day trip to Landsberg am Lech

Georg had taken the time to drive us from Diedorf along the B 17, the so-called Romantic Road, to Landsberg in the afternoon to show us the historic town, a little of its history and the barrages of the Lech.

Landsberg is located in the west of the Bavarian administrative region of Upper Bavaria on the border with Swabia. Particularly richly blessed with a few tourist attractions such as the Ammersee and the Lech with its barrages, both the district and the city of Landsberg are today a tourist destination with great demand. The image of the landscape is strongly influenced by the Alps, even if you are initially in the foothills of the Alps. The lowest altitude in the Landsberg area is 525 meters, the highest elevation at 805 meters is in the Stellerwald.

You are initially in the foothills of the Alps

landsberg 1During archaeological investigations that were also carried out here, the first reliable traces of settlements from the years 4,000 - 1,800 BC were found south of Pestenacker.

From the Bronze Age there are various burial mound fields as well as some Celtic quadrangles that can be dated to around 1,550 - 1,250 BC.

Finds have also been made in the period of the so-called Hallstatt period between 700 and 450 BC.

With the arrival of the Romans, the area was assigned to the province of Raetia. A little to the west of Landsberg ran the Roman road Via Claudia Augusta, which stretched from Augsburg to Verona.

In Roman times, Epfach was an important place where trade was initially carried out and a small provincial Roman settlement quickly developed, which was then called Abodiacum.

Period of the so-called Hallstatt period

landsberg 6With the withdrawal of the Romans, the country was taken over by the Alemanni and Bavarians in the 5th and 6th centuries. Later, in the High Middle Ages, the Counts of Dießen-Andechs and the Guelphs ruled the region around Landsberg.

In the 13th century, the Wittelsbach family took over the region and founded the ducal district court of Landsberg.

Arriving in Landsberg, we drove to the Lech side opposite the old town to the mother tower, which was built by Hubert von Herkomer between 1884 and 1887 and is today considered one of the most important buildings in Landsberg. There is ample parking and a magnificent view of the old town, despite the slightly cloudy sky.

There are also extra parking spaces for travelers in mobile homes.

There are extra parking spaces for travelers in mobile homes.

landsberg 10We immediately made our way across the Karolinenbrücke to the old town, which was closed to traffic today.

Immediately after the bridge in Hubert von Herkomerstraße, we came across considerable construction work, which primarily affected the access area to the city center.

Too bad for us, because so many photo opportunities of construction vehicles or covers were covered, because the entire road surface had been removed.

Once finished with the new pavement, the entire downtown area will surely attract even more visitors.

Caroline Bridge on the way to the old town

landsberg 2Since we hadn't had lunch yet, we started looking for a place to eat. And as already mentioned during the tour, once again we only encountered closed doors. The reason was as simple as it was incomprehensible, unfortunately typical of so many German cities: lunch is only served until 2 p.m.

Every tourist or visitor has to adhere to this. For us European travelers simply incomprehensible and probably almost unique. As a result, we were only left with a small stand-up café, where at least a sausage could be offered.

It doesn't matter, the food wasn't the reason for our journey, but it really affected our curiosity and motivation had dropped, especially since finding the Steh Café had cost a lot of energy.

Lunch is just available until 2 p.m.

landsberg 4We then continued our tour anyway, reached the center of the old town via the main square, which, once completed, will certainly be a gem.

We were able to take at least some photos of the really wonderful medieval building structure without disturbing construction vehicles.

Georg, as a passionate user of hookahs, was lucky enough to find a specialty shop for hookahs and a wide variety of hookah tobacco in a side street off the main square.

So he was at least a bit reconciled, since the purchase of alternative tobacco had already made it worthwhile.

Find a variety of hookah tobacco

landsberg 3Through the Untere Salzgasse we reached the Flößerplatz, which was overflowing with visitors. In the meantime, there were even a few rays of sunshine in the sky and the ice cream parlor on the banks of the Lech was particularly popular.

We also use the real Italian ice cream to linger for a moment on the banks of the Lech. We walked along the Floßgassenweg to the Inselbad, which is surrounded by a side arm of the Lech.

Then we went along the Schrannen buildings from 1759, which had been completely converted into residential buildings in the course of the old town renovation and certainly today offer a great living ambience in the center of Landsberg. Many structural details at least suggest so.

Living ambience in the center of Landsberg

landsberg 7During the tour, we had already noticed various language differences among the passers-by. Our inquiry also immediately provided the corresponding confirmation: the Bavarian-Alemannic language border runs along the Lech, so that clear differences in the local dialect can be seen within a few kilometers.

The Peter Dörfler-Weg, which leads directly along the Lech as a promenade to the Karolinenbrücke, then brought us back in the direction of our parked vehicle.

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