Impressive historical Christmas Market in Osnabrück

Impressive historical Christmas Market in Osnabrück

In front of the incomparable historical skyline of the old town of Osnabrück one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany in the city centre was presented to us.

Surrounded by the more then 500-year-old town hall, after  the Peace of Westphalia named like it, the stepped gables of the town houses on the market, St. Mary's and the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. John, there are couple of festively arranged stalls.

The historic ensemble of medieval buildings, as in previous years, captivates visitors and makes them curious about what once was and what is still to be discovered today. Above all, the famous town hall in the late Gothic style, on whose steps in 1648 the Peace of Westphalia was proclaimed and thus ended the Thirty Years' War. In a letter of 04.11.1836 is noted that "craftsmen," KuchenBacker "and all of which act with short" goods "on the old" Rathause Waaren" are allowed for selling their goods until 8 days before Christmas."

Christmas Market Osnabrück - with a long tradition

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_niedersachsen_osnabrueck-weihnachtsmarkt-1.jpgAt the feet of the cathedral and the town hall, many stalls offer treats and mulled wine, which provide pleasant warmth during the cold season. In addition, there are Christmas crafts that invites you to rummage and look for suggestions as Christmas presents. To marvel at there is again the largest Christmas music box in the world, which turns to the sounds of 25 different Christmas carols on the Christmas market area in Osnabrück's old town.

It's peaceful in the city. And as well without much noise. That's the way to talk about the "quiet" Christmas market in Osnabrück: just the historic carousel in front of the town hall is musically accompanied. Generations of Osnabrück inhabitants have already made their rounds in this more than 100-year-old ride. In addition to the traditional, there are record-breaking discoveries too: the biggest Nutcracker is about six meters in height on the Christmas market or there is the world's largest functional music box with life-size figures.

In addition, all children can enjoy the Advent calendar, on which the Santa Claus opens a door every day. With soft Christmas music and atmospheric lighting, the pre-Christmas rush can be forgotten for a few moments. Children are drawn to the Christmas bakery of 3-star chef Thomas Bühner, who bakes cookies in his gourmet restaurant in the beautifully lit Krahnstraße every year.

Culinary delights on the Market and in the inner city

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_niedersachsen_osnabrueck-weihnachtsmarkt-2.jpgCulinary, but also the adult visitors get something for their money. If you like hearty meals, you will like the Käsegriller-Bratwurst. A poem is the gingerbread, the Baumkuchen and heavenly chocolates - an Osnabrück original - as well as the Zimtsterne. We preferred to dine in a restaurant that offers the culinary dishes as well as vegan as vegetarian dishes at the end of our tour, so there was a delicious pizza with spinach and a cauliflower casserole with great tasting curry coconut sauce. Simply delicious.

Since then, a lot has happened: The Historic Christmas Market in Osnabrück extends today in the market square in front of the medieval-looking backdrop of the City Hall, the Stadtwaage and St. Mary's Church and on the square in front of the cathedral. There is Christmas magic at St. John's Church, too.

This year's Historic Christmas Market will take place from 26th November to 22nd December 2018.

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