The history of Aurich can be traced back to the 13th century. The original settlement Aurechove is mentioned for the first time in a Frisian legal record from the year 1276, the Brokmerbrief. The oldest settlement trace in the Aurich core city (vessel fragments) dates from the 9th century and was discovered in 2009 during excavations.
Aurich was in the course of the centuries successively the residence of the East Frisian princes, the seat of the Prussian, Hanoverian and again Prussian administrations Ostfrieslands.

Emden - youthful looking harbor town at Dollart

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Emden - young looking harbor town at Dollart

After our walk through the fishing village of Greetsiel, we went back to Emden, where a short tour through the city, should end our day trip to Ostfriesland completed by Laura.

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