From campsite Unter dem Jenzig to Kahla at Saale river

From campsite Unter dem Jenzig to Kahla at Saale river

After the first talks about places of interest in the area, the owner of the campsite "Unter den Jenzig" had also referred to the small town of Kahla, which, in addition to the porcelain manufactory, also had a still completely preserved, medieval city wall as well as some buildings from the time.

The surrounding area invites to the extensive hiking. Since our dear friend Detlef, co-author and companion on many tours through Anatolia, had announced his coming, it was obvious to go on this excursion together.

Under the name Calo the place is mentioned in 876 for the first time. The castle of Kahla was located in today's old town of Kahla on a north-directed spur of the circulation of the Saale in the area of the mouth of the Reinstädter brook. In Kahla the "Hohe Strasse" crossed from the west, past the Beckerskirchhof, passing the Weissacker, the Hornissenberg and the Kaltenberg, crossing the Saale, continuing south and west.

We first visited the porcelain manufactory first, which began production of porcelain in Kahla between 1843 and 1844, an industry still existing today. Then we went to the village center, where we parked our car.

In 1184 a knight named Gottschalk of Kale lived here. He was probably subordinate to the Earl of Weimar-Orlamunde, and had his seat at Kahla. In 1283 the lords of Lobdeburg-Leuchtenburg sat in the Veste. Shortly after, the city was established as planned. Between 1283 and 1333 Kahla received the city rights. From 1333, the castle, town and country belonged to the county of Schwarzburg. After the Grafenkrieg (1346-1349), the area was subordinated to the Thuringian landgrave. In 1441, the castle was finally named by the authorities. Constructional remains have not yet been found. On the square of the castle today stands the Margarethen-Stadtkirche, to which we are going first.

A heavy fire in 1345 destroyed all the documents of the town received so far. After another fire in 1520 the city was rebuilt and remained largely preserved in its structure. During the Reformation and the peasant wars, Kahla was to be found in the Protestant camp: in 1523, the religious works of art of the Margaret city church fell victim to the picture storm. In 1524 the reformer Martin Luther also preached in Kahla.
In 1632, Kahla was plundered in the Thirty Years' War. In 1718, a breach of the Beer Mile between the citizens of Kahla and Orlamlam was the occasion for a battleship with lot of injuries.

Among the special attractions in and around Kahla the almost completely preserved medieval city walls and the arable houses are highlights, dating from the same period, the late medieval town church of St. Margarethen with completely preserved pre-Reformation quadruplets, the 13th-century Leuchtenburg, the Jagdanlage Rieseneck best preserved baroque hunting facilities in Europe, as well as the Dohlenstein, which we shall report separately, a 352 m high limestone rock, whose eruptions in the past centuries have repeatedly changed the course of the Saale river, thus shaping the landscape.

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