HJS Emission Technology - for all about exhaust technology

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HJS Emission Technology - for all about exhaust technology

Still a very topical issue is the dispute and the honest information about the function of the catalysts and thus the exhaust gas values of the diesel engines, as we also had to learn when there was a problem with our own towing vehicle, when the vehicle once switched to the emergency program.

The visits to various workshops resulted in such different statements and auxiliary concepts, which essentially consisted just in the replacement of various components, which went from the turbocharger to the DPF filter. Is changing the very expensive parts really the only option of renowned workshops? At the last CMT fair in Stuttgart, we were glad to receive really competent information on functions and possibilities with regard to the exhaust problem for the first time: at the booth of HJS Emission Technology!

Exhaust gas treatment from HJS Emission Technology

As a family-run, medium-sized company based in Menden /Sauerland, HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG stands for many years of experience and competence in the field of exhaust after-treatment. Around 450 employees develop, manufacture and market modular systems for reducing pollutant emissions. Their innovative environmental protection technologies are used both for original equipment as well as for the retrofitting of car, motor home and various non-road applications.

In addition to systems for gasoline engines, HJS today mainly offers systems for diesel engines - in particular for the reduction of soot particles and nitrogen oxides. All systems meet the legal requirements and are certified according to the valid approval regulations.

Extensive patent rights for DPF® and SCRT®

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_hjs-dieselfilter-2.jpgWith extensive patent rights for DPF® (Diesel Particulate Filter) and SCRT® (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology), HJS sets national and international standard.

HJS designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of innovative original equipment (OE) particulate filter solutions and retrofits. Thanks to their modular design, our systems can be used in various variants for numerous applications.

The heart of all HJS emission control systems is the sintered metal filter (SMF®). The SMF® and the systems based on it are extremely reliable and have a long service life.

We have the right system for your specific requirements: the HJS City-Filter® for passenger cars, vans and motor homes or the sintered metal filter (SMF®) as a full filter system for mobile machines, stationary applications and various commercial vehicles (eg public transport buses, toll lorries, etc.) Supply and disposal vehicles).



HJS catalyst using high-performance coatings

HJS is one of the leading suppliers of high quality catalysts. By using high-performance coatings and processing high-quality materials, we supply top-quality catalyst.
Since July 2013, there is a new quality requirement for catalysts, defined by the "Blue Angel" environmental label. Right from the start, HJS has been behind the Ecolabel and is continuing to develop its catalysts under the new premises of quality, durability and emission behavior. This new generation of catalysts is marketed by HJS under the bluemission® catalyst brand.
With over 600 references HJS offers a nearly complete range of bluemission® catalysts. Depending on the vehicle application, these catalysts are of course also EOBD-capable.

Exhaust after-treatment systems for campers

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_hjs-dieselfilter-3.jpgResidents of motor homes and campers can rely on HJS products on mature solutions in consistent quality. We develop all products precisely to the individual requirements of our customers. When testing and manufacturing all parts, we apply the highest quality standards. Each HJS City-Filter® or mounting kit is matched to the respective vehicle type.

Online delivery program

In our online delivery program you will find our complete product range for the car sector. From the HJS City-Filter®, catalyst through to assembly technology, everything is there. To the online delivery program ...

Diesel Particulate Filter - Retrofit - HJS City-Filter®

Our diesel particulate filters ensure clean air. They effectively retain the soot particles including the fine dust in their interior and continuously "clean" themselves of the deposited soot.

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