Fethiye - Mountains and Bays - Ölüdeniz Airfest

Fethiye - Mountains and Bays - Ölüdeniz Airfest

Fethiye is situated in a magical spot next to a wonderful bay, which is strewn with many islands. It has an excellent and busy marina, together with many lovingly restored houses and bazaars. The ancient name of the town is Telmessos and it was founded by the Knights of Rhodes.

The ruins of a Johanniter-Castle can be seen on the hill overlooking the city. On the mountain slopes, you will see the rock tombs carved into shapes of faces on the cliffs by the Lycians.

Based on philological research it is believed that the location of the protected bay was inhabited as early as the 3rd millennium BC. So far, however, there is no evidence. The city was first mentioned under the name Telmessos in the 5th century BC as a member of the Delian League. From the 4th century BC it was under Lycian rule. Telmessos together with the about 18 kilometers in the mountains near Üzümlü located today ruined city of Kadyanda formed the western boundary of the ancient Lycian Cities Federation.

1284 the city was conquered by the Menteşe Beyliği. In 1424 it fell under Ottoman rule and got the new name Megri. But the Johanniter, that had their headquarters in Rhodes from 1310 to 1530, claimed the city several times. They built a crusader castle on the Acropolis whose ruins are still visible today and took advantage of the front-mounted island Şövalye Adası as a base of their Crusaders fleet. The name was derived from the French word chevalier (knight).

After World War I, Fethiye was under Italian occupation between 11th of May 2019 and 20th of June 1920. 1924, the Greek inhabitants, which represented most of the population, were leaving the city under international exchange caused by the Treaty of Lausanne, as among other things, the Greeks in neighboring Kayaköy, too. They settled in Greece, mainly in Nea Makri in East Attica.

A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.1 destroyed most of the city on April 25, 1957, sixteen people were killed and nearly a hundred wounded. Already in 1856 the city was hit by a strong earthquake. In August 2004 and in June 2012 it also came to notable quake with some casualties and damage.

For those who like swimming and sunbathing, the beaches of Belceğiz Bay and Şövalye Island are the destinations to head for. Just enjoy the most beautiful beaches and clean water, together with the unspoilt mountain scenery. The guest houses in Belceğiz will give you the excellent comfort and enjoyment that you might expect.

The bay has a dreamlike form and is known as a God given paradise on earth. Ölüdeniz, the Blue Lagoon, is famous for its long natural beach and crystal clear blue water.

Parachuting from Babadag (Baba Mountain) has become one of the most popular sports recently. Flying over the great beach lagoon gives very impressive views.
In addition, there are many well equipped camping and picnic areas around Fethiye.

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