Discovering Ölüdeniz and Its Surroundings

Discovering Ölüdeniz and Its Surroundings

Ölüdeniz is a bona fide paradise that is located in Muğla province of South West Turkey. This relatively small tourist resort borders the Aegean Sea and features mountainous terrain inland.

Whilst many tourists will want to climb the resort`s steep Babadag Mountain, most are predominantly interested in its famous beach, blue lagoon and beautiful turquoise waters. Ölü Deniz is set against a stunning backdrop as the Muğla province offers some of the finest resorts in Turkey, whilst annual temperatures are very pleasant with average highs of 16 degrees centigrade in January and 34 degrees centigrade in August. Furthermore, Olu Deniz is renowned for good sunshine throughout the year, so tourists often visit the area out of season as it still has much to offer.

In fact, whilst the Ölü Deniz beach is by far the biggest attraction on the resort, it is worth mentioning that there are plenty of things to do and see in the area than simply relax on its golden stretch of sands. Paragliding, for example, is a very popular activity in Olu Deniz, which is perhaps not surprising in consideration of the area`s mountainous terrain and exceptionally good weather. Indeed, paragliding in Olu Deniz is at an elevation of around 6,000 feet, which is high enough to provide a bird`s eye view of this beautiful corner of the world.

Of course, paragliding is not the only activity in Olu Deniz that does not involve its world renowned beach in some way or another. The Dalaman river offers a number of activities, although by far the most exciting is white water rafting, which will have even the most hardened of adrenaline-rush thrill seekers on the edge of their seat. Or raft. The Dalaman river boasts grade four rapids and there are a number of rafting packages available so users of different abilities will be able to enjoy a challenge that is suited to them. There are also group rafting adventures available on the Dalaman, whilst a more relaxed pace can be discovered on the Xanthos, where canoeing and boat rides are available. In fact, there are boat rides available all over Olu Deniz.

Walking, cycling and horse riding are also popular in Olu Deniz, whilst scuba diving remains one of the most intriguing and spiritual activities available due to its diverse marine life, shallow reefs, caverns, walls and tunnels that exist within the clear turquoise waters. The Dalyan mud bath and so-called Turtle Beach are also key points of interest for those tourists who can find time to leave the magnificent Olu Deniz beach.

In summary, booking a relatively cheap holiday in Olu Deniz can provide a truly stunning experience for those who enjoy clear skies, clean waters and a host of adventure packed activities. Dalaman Airport (DLM) is located near Fethiye and is about an hour away from Olu Deniz, which offers a range of top quality accommodation. 

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