Göcek • A Marina Village next to Fethiye

Göcek - Fethiye

Göcek is a small village about 30 kilometers away from Fethiye and first of all a place used for yacht tourism and sailors. There are just few people coming to Göcek as normal holiday people because there are no nice beaches insıde of the town borders.

If you leave the town for the small bays next to Göcek you will easily find empty beaches for romantic swimming or walking. Some of the best places can just be reached by boat. At stake there are 4 marinas offering service to the yachts, but as you can imagine, they are quite busy during the summer season because lot of ships arriving at Göcek from all over the Mediterranean.

All along the harbor they built a wıde footpath so you may use for walking while watching the various types of boats from different countries. As well lot of small restaurants and bars along the marinas offering different menus to the passing visitors, some delicious fish meals are served as well. But whatever there is, everything is more exclusive, more chic and elegant then in most of other holiday towns. For sure, more expensive as well. İf you enjoy sailing a little you can use one of the offered day trips which are going to the twelve islands just outside of Göcek.

For the skippers Göcek marina is offering couple of agencies, ship wharfs and service stations to offer all needed service to the mostly ‘well equipped’ customers from all over the world when arriving with their boats.

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