Kayaköy - a former Greek Village empty since 1923

Kayaköy • a former Greek Village

The village Kayaköy, former Karmilassos, stretches along a softly dropping slope. Over looked by two churches it controls the wide, fertile level. Idyllic, so it seems from the distance. If you approach next to the settlement, you notice empty window cases. Because of missing roofs the houses change into ruins.

Till 1923 the village Karmilassos, today Kayaköy, was inhabited by Greek. After the fights for independence, Atatürks Asia Minor was explained as Turkish National Area by the Peace Contract done in Lausanne.

About 1.3 million Greeks and 600,000 Turks had to be resettled. Between Ölüdeniz and Fethiye was a second old Greek settlement called Livissi situated in a valley next to the main road. The place was given up as well and changed into a ghost town to which the terrible earthquake from 1957 had given its absolutely last desaster. Today the covers of the houses of this former provincial town can just be recognized as grey rows of stone in lines.

Surrounded by forests, leaning against rocky hills, backed by the sea and facing the fertile plains, the area has attracted different civilizations throughout the history, in our times just animal civilisation. In between salamanders and lizards rustle through the weed and in the shade of the stones scorpions doze in the heat. What for more than 80 years was unnoticed went to quite interesting place for tourism today explained as an attraction and as a museum area.

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