Datça - pretty, quiet harbor at the Aegean

Datça - pretty, quiet haven

Datça is a pretty, quiet harbor where the Aegean and the Mediterrenean Seas meet. It is about 70 kilometres to the west of Marmaris on the south of the Datça Peninsula. The small town is lapped on one side by the waters of the Aegean Sea and on the other side by the Mediterrenean.

The road to Datça has many bends but you will not even notice because you will be entranced by the pine-clad valleys and mountains that will provide unbelievable and unexpected views on both sides. The sun will smile sweetly at you as you drop down to the sea. The warmth of the sun will be reflected in the water and will enchant everyone.

Datça is a town with no mass tourism, a dreamlike landscape, warm and friendly entertainment places and a pleasant climate with extremely oxygen-rich air. The low humidity, together with a constant cool breeze decreases the effects of the heat. The geographer Strabon, who lived in the region, said, "God would send his beloved servants to Datça to live longer!" These words were not said in vain. A local legend confirms what Strabon wrote. About 450 years ago, Spanish pirates were sailing near the peninsula and some of the crew were suffering from the plague. The pirates pulled into Sarigerme Cove and threw their dying crew members off the vessel. However, the crew members who were left there to die recovered, thanks to the oxygen-rich air of Datça.

Datça is a perfect place for those who want to escape from the crowds and noise. Those who enjoy exploring will discover a varied landscape with a wealth of beauty here. The ancient city of Knidos can also be visited, with its impressive remains and inner and outer ports. Datça is known for its plantations of almonds which can be seen on the way to Cnidos. Locals make a sort of dessert out of almonds, stuffing them into figs and baking them. This dessert cannot be found anywhere else. 

The liveliest part of Datça is the quay with many boats arriving daily during the summer time. Places providing services to these boats are scattered around the quay. Near the quay area and on the main street, good quality restaurants, a good selection of cafes, shops and lively bars can be found. Saturday is the day for the local market, where a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and also traditionally handcrafted goods are sold. Do not miss trying the delicious 'Balık-Ekmek' (fish and bread) in one of the pretty restaurants by the water.

There are interesting traditional Turkish stone houses in the former centre of the town which is three kilometres away and can be reached by a regular bus service. A mosque from Seljuk times and the village of Hizirsah are only seven kilometres from the town. You can enjoy yourself on the way visiting old ceramic workshops dating from the 4th century BC which are being excavated.

The Datça Peninsula is not a place to be visited in one day. There are numerous coves around the peninsula, some of which can only be reached by boat. No visitors can forget the still water of the 'aquarium' in the coves and the beaches of the Datça Peninsula and will take away precious memories of their evenings there. Datça has 13 kilometres of sandy beaches. There are water sports provided by the hotels, like wind surfing, sailing and scuba diving.

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