Dalyan - Lake of Köycegiz and Caunos

Dalyan - Lake of Köycegiz and Caunos

At the eastern shore of the river-like connection between the delta of Dalyan and the lake of Köyceğiz you will find a small town called Dalyan. Just across the waterway you can already see the famous king tombs and little more to the back the ruins of the ancient town of Caunos.

The two historical monuments are the reason why Dalyan is still growing and getting more importance in tourism. A couple of years ago there were just 1.000 inhabitants, living on catching fish or farming vegetable, fruit or cotton. İn the 80th it was planned to built a huge hotel on the İztuzu Beach which is protecting the delta of Dalyan against the powers of the sea. 

Nevertheless this project was stopped by organizations protecting the lıfe of turtles which are using the so far untouched coast for breeding their eggs. Since then the beaches of Dalyan are getting more and more well known and being visited by small groups of tourists who like the natural way of holiday without allinclusive 5 star quality and animation. A beautiful beach and a lovely holiday town is awaiting you. Couple of small hotels, restaurants and bars have been built in between, but not destroyed the place like in many other regions. 

There are boat tours offered to carry the visitors into the delta for watching this natural paradise for more then 150 sorts of birds, like eagles, ice bird, pelican and comoran. 
For sure the boats will take you across the river for the king tombs, ancient Caunos and the famous mud bath. As well you can sail across the lake to Köyceğiz, which will mean a day trip, but quite adventurous.

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