Milas - The Becin Castle

Milas - The Becin Castle

The castle of Becin is found on a rocky plateau in the village of Beçin to the south of the town on the Milas-Ören road. The Byzantine era castle overlooking the Milas plains was restored by the Menteseogullari when they ruled the region.

The King of the Menteseogullari made Milas the capital of their region and later on moved to Beçin Castle because it was easy to defend. The name of the city is referred to as “Pezona” in Middle Age Italian sources and in Turkish Islamic sources as “Beçin”.

Becin Castle was restored and opened to visitors in 1974. The remains of a bath and cisterns can be seen in the castle, which is surrounded by ramparts. In the inner keep, 200 metres further up the hill, more ruins from the settlement can be seen. A chamber-shaped Roman tomb, a Turkish tomb, a Byzantine chapel, the Islamic school from the Menteseoğulları period, mosques and more.

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