White Sail I Dream of - Rolling over the Sea

White Sail I Dream of

Those at peace with the blue will have a smile on their faces innocent of reason when they are at sea side, no matter what their existing angst is. You may call this smile whatever you like. A greeting, an indication of relief, madness...say, is it not good to be a bit mad? Now, think of a boat with white attire.

Once the sail boats begin rolling over the sea, those on land hurry to their cameras. This shot must not be missed before the sailing boat disappears!

The white boat quietly sailing is a superb attraction. Are you one of those who smile just like that and doesn’t miss the shot? 


Now my friends, on those sailing boats are some whose eyes squint for constantly gazing at horizon, hands calloused and strong for pulling ropes, who are pirates of their own dreams. Yes, they are pirates!

They are the most innocent thieves on earth. They plunder their own dreams, which have been buried under the rubble of real life. If you are sailing closer to the shore line of a city, you will hear the frightening noise generated by the settlement. That is the moment you will be scared of cities and on the deck you will feel like you are in an unreal world. Everything that is unreal is a miracle. And you on that deck become the leading actor of your own fable.

I also have a sailing boat. At the moment, she in some other waters, some other sailor is at the helm, or she has not been constructed yet or is being constructed. I cannot say where she is but, I can assure you she is in my imagination, sailing in my dreams. I am a person who greets the boat before putting his foot on deck. Reflections of the sea and sailing have been the inspiration for almost all my songs and I am a staunch sea lover since childhood. 

Let me share a memory with you. I was in year one at school. There were a few boats docked at the makeshift landing site on Karaburun shores. We were three little friends. Hidden from the prodding eyes, we the three whippersnappers undid the ropes of one of the boats, and ran away fast. The boat began to drift away slowly. But the boat owners jumped into the water and brought her back. But us, the three boys with small hands, hiding behind a tree have only one intention in undoing the ropes and our defense is innocent; those boats must be freed  and reach the open seas, where they belong. The escape of that handcuffed boat still brings smiles to my face, jumping out of my childhood. 

You see, I am both one of those who smile on land and those who hold ropes with squinting eyes. I am an amateur yet and got into this venture by entering into competitions onboard the boat Dilkan , belonging to Uğur Üye whom I had met at Izmir Levent marina but who currently leans on the Aegean at Seferihisar Teos Marina. For that reason Uğur Üye, who had finally taken me on board his boat after having waited along the shore for days and caused this adventure to begin, will stay the most kindhearted sailor ever and the boat Dilkan will stay the best boat ever in my life. In the forthcoming years I was on a lucky streak and had the chance to take sailing courses from M. Altan İbrikoğlu, who has served sailing for 50 years as a sportsman, trainer, administrator, national sailing referee and consultant and wore the Turkish Sailing national team uniform for 56 times and became the first European and Eastern European sailor in our sailing history and additionally, became first Turkish sailor to have competed in the sailing competition between American Continent and the Bahamas. Altan İbrikoğlu is currently providing sailing lessons at Izmir Levent Marina Solo Sailing Club. 

Sailing is the ability to use the boat and the wind together. Wind is the basic necessity in this sport. Navigation when the wind is faced directly and the boat moves forward in 45 degree angles to the wind is called “ orsa”, navigation when the wind blows at 90 degrees to the broadside is called “apaz”, navigation when wind is taken from the rear is called “ pupa”. Sailing can basically be categorized into two; joy cruises and competition sailing. 

As an amateur sailor, I shall leave extensive description of sailing to the masters. You could start this venture as a joy cruiser or a competition sailor. The wind you catch may be “apaz” or “pupa”. Whatever the direction of the wind may be, as the sails start flapping and you hold the ropes or at the helm, venturing away under the escort of the wind, you will once more be grateful that you are living and enjoying that moment. It is not too difficult to learn to sail in Turkey, which has the most beautiful coves in the whole world. All you need to do is to make a decision. Don’t forget, I am one of those who are the pirate of his dreams, who has decorated the walls of his room with pictures sailing boats, dreaming of having his own one day. If today I am on board a boat when the shutters are released and take my dreams as a bearing at the helm of my dream boat, I owe that to one thing only and that is: WANTING. 

By the way, taking a bearing means the situation or horizontal direction determined by the helmsman of one point with respect to a point and ensuring that the boat travels toward that point. 

I wish your bearing to be your dreams only…

- With Love, Serkan Yıldız

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