Pessinus and the Kybele ritual

Pessinus is an ancient town in Phrygia (Asia Minor). Today it is called Ballihisar and is situated about 13 kilometres from Sivrihisar. It is said that this was the birthplace of the Kybele ritual.Read More In the centre of the holy area was a black meteorite which was taken to Rome in 205/4 B.C. 

A legend says that the first temple of King Midas was erected here in 800 B.C. Still visible are the ruins of the later Hellenistic Temple with its huge stairways.

Since 1967 there have been excavations, undertaken by teams of Belgian archaeologists.

Really impressive are the black contours of the holy mountain of Dindymos. In the next village, called Ballihisar, there is a small museum.

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