ARCHENCLOS Keşlik Monastary

Archenclos - das Keşlik Kloster

After we returned to our vehicle from the venture we made into the stream, we came to “Keşlik Monastery”, which is also known as “Archenclos”, residential area of stone houses near Cemilköy.Read MoreThese rocks were partially carved out and only thin walls were left.

This perfect architecture was always amazing; it had such a structure that it could almost be called modern structure. Another thing that amazed us was how the floors which were put on top of each other were connected with ladders to each other. One could not help but wonder what the ceiling thickness was; after all it was preserved all these years just like its first day. Indeed, a commendable construction workmanship was in display.  

There, we also had the opportunity of meeting the person who was in charge of maintaining Arcenclos; honourable Cabir Coşkuner was in charge of all the maintenance, arrangement and security of the area together with his family. We have rarely seen a garden so well-kept and had great variety. We have seen trees whose fruits were still on top of them and bushes around, and we had a great respect for this region. Again here, we encountered vineyards, which were planted like bushes, and they caught our attention.


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