Oba Village - an oasis for holiday and leisure time

Oba Village in Alanya

From once being a small village near Alanya, this fertile green area of 12.5 square kilometres has developed into an outstanding town offering a huge variety of possibilities. 

A picturesque landscape surrounded by the Taurus Mountains is as fascinating to the visitor as the endless beaches offering a relaxed atmosphere. The local government has introduced lots of regulations to prohibit uncontrolled construction. The character of Oba should be maintained and presented as a Mediterranean oasis of the future.

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The fact that this place is something really special can be seen from the number of foreign families who have settled in Oba. Another positive sign of the local government's policies is the construction of the well-known superstore Metro in 2003.

As a modern shopping centre of 24.000 m2 this construction has been built with close cooperation between investors and the local government and now offers high quality goods to its customers as well as providing about 150 jobs for local Turkish people. This store has also made the whole area more attractive to visitors from all over the world as well as giving a boost to the local economy. Lots of smaller organisations have developed and have created a general push towards Oba's future.

It is correct to say that Oba has developed into a wonderful place for settling in Turkey. Along the river lots of recreation areas have been introduced with picnic places for spending hours of relaxation well protected by green trees offering a natural atmosphere to the visitor. The ancient history of this place leads people to lots of places worth visiting. People who like activities such as walking, or even jogging, will enjoy it here as well. Where else is it possible to travel along narrow paths where there are huge plantations of oranges and lemons giving this typical Oba aroma.

Oba is still an agricultural area. It has made a lot of well thought-out decisions for a successful future in tourism in deciding to keep the green areas and continue with all its plantations of bananas, oranges, lemons and strawberries. No longer will high constructions destroy the view into the Taurus Mountains in the future.

It is a place worth visiting, especially when thinking about a holiday home.

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