Once again important artefacts found in Antioch ad Cragum

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Once again important artefacts found in Antioch ad Cragum

After Turkish farmers found the first finds of Roman mosaics in 2001 while plowing a field in the vicinity of the ancient city of Antiochia ad Cragum, not far from Gazipasa, and reported this to the archaeological museum in Alanya, scientists from the University of Nebraska have now discovered more artefacts to expose and conserve as much as possible mosaic areas consisting of small mosaic stones.

Ucansu Waterfall close to Alanya

Ucansu Waterfall

On the road again! A visit by a friend from Germany urges us to discover a place we have never heard of before. Our destination this time is Ucansu Waterfalls. 

Pal Takats - most skilled acro pilot

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Pal Takats - most skilled acro pilot

Pal Takats is among the most skilled acro pilots ever. The young Hungarian pilot is a real paragliding and acro zealot – in a positive way. Please read what he is telling about himself:

Mahmutlar - Alanya

Mahmutlar - Alanya

Follow the highway in the direction of Mersin and, after about 10 miles, you will reach Mahmutlar, an independent but quickly growing small town belonging to the council of Alanya.

Anient Town of Lamos next to Gazipasa

Antique town Lamos in Gazipasa

Antique town, placed on two hills 15 km east of  Gazipaşa and 2 km north of the village Adanda. In Turkish it is called Adanda Kalesi. On the main road a Lamos sign points north at the centre. After that there are no signs, so this road cannot be recommended.

Pretty holiday resort Incekum - next to Alanya

Pretty holiday resort Incekum

Incekum is a pretty holiday resort on the southern coast of Turkey, about 120 km north of Antalya International Airport and 30 km west of Alanya. Most of the big hotels situated in the town offer free pick-up services from the airport.

Historical Wealth of Gazipaşa & surrounding places

Historical Wealth of Gazipaşa

Gazipaşa hosts a very rich archeological heritage with the ruins of a number of antique cities, castles, monumental tombs and numerous historic structures. The remnants of the old ports near the shore and castles on the heights of Toros Mountains are the signs of old human settlements in this area.

Gazipaşa - still rural coined Green Area

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Gazipaşa - still rural coined Green Area

An excursion tour together with our co-author Detlef Heinzel, who has lived in Gazipasa for several years, had led us again to Gazipasa, the still green and rural small town with a predominantly rural bustle, please follow his short report:

The ancient City of Selinus in Gazipasa

The antique town of Selinus in Gazipasa

The ancient City of Selinus is about 45 km away from  Alanya and 2 km from the city center of Gazipaşa (follow the signposts). The road follows the river Musa Çay, once called Selinus too.

Caves of Alanya - Spectaculous and Healthy

Caves of Alanya

Turkey is in one of the first positions in the ranking of countries of owning the most caves and waterways below the surface. The number of caves in Turkey is calculated to be more then 40.000.

Syedra Ancient City on the way to Gazipasa

Syedra Ancient City - Alanya

The ancient city of Syedra is situated on a hill between the present day villages of Kargıcak and Seki, about 18 kilometers south-east of Alanya and 24 kilometres north-west of Selinus, today called Gazipaşa.

The ancient town of Hamaxia / Alanya

The antique town Hamaxia / Alanya

The ancient town Hamaxia, in Turkish Sinek Kalesi, is situated about 6 km to the West of Alanya city centre. From the coast road, after the 2nd tunnel from Alanya (1st tunnel from Manavgat), turn north by a big board showing the direction to Elikesik Tesisleri and you will notice two cement factories (Atam Hazir and Alanya Hazir).

Konaklı - Lonely Beaches next to Alanya

Konaklı - Alanya

Konaklı is a today rapidly growing former village about 8 miles from the centre of Alanya. It is an independent town which comes under the jurisdiction of the local authority of Alanya.

Red Tower of Alanya - City symbol from Sultan Keykubat

Red Tower of Alanya

As the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat, after a five years lasting battle, conquered the city of Alanya in 1226, he started to work on plans how to protect the settlement in the future, within these ideas the Red Tower (Kızılkule) was built.

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