Kestros / Gazipaşa

A little south of  Selinus and on an asphalt road 2 km after Gazipaşa (sign: Cestrus) and then along a bad dirt road you get to a 300 metres high cape, seat of the antique city of Kestros. The local name is Kilisetepe. Unless you are in a jeep you should walk along the dirt road where there is a fantastic view over the cliffs and the sea. 

The area is densely farmed with terraces with banana trees, and the ruins, which date from the 1st and 2nd centuries, are difficult to find. The remnants of a city wall can be seen in the south end, and within a 400  x  400 m area one can find an agora and two temples for Emperor Vespasian and Antony.

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