The Cave Church of Alaoda

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When you are on the road between Mut and Karaman you may take a short break next to the village of Geçimli (Malya) and ask for the way to Alaoda Cave Church. Just a couple of minutes away from the main road you will enter into cave which floors are still covered with ancient mosaics showing lots of Christian motives.

So far there has not been much of research so it is still unknown who has built this church, may be Byzantine, maybe older. 

In 1955 Professor Michael Gouche did some research. So he was able to decipher some of the inscriptions starting with the following words: “Hirsto´s mother, the blessed lady was loved by God….” The other inscription parts are more or less destroyed, at least unreadable. 

Your break from travelling Karaman – Mut road means at least a step back to ancient history.

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