World Wide Known Tradition - Hookah - turkish nargile!

Hookah - turkish nargile!

With great relish Ahmed is leaning back and blowing a thick cloud of white smoke into the air. After a gulp of tea and a few words with his neighbour he turns back to his hookah. With the help of a pair of small tongs he puts several pieces of coal into the correct position on the wooden head of the hookah.

Counter flow heat exchangers in modern homes!

Kontrollierte Be- und Entlüftung

‘A passive house is a building in which a comfortable interior climate can be maintained without active heating and cooling systems’ (Adamson 1987 and Feist 1988). Proper ventilation of a Passive House is critical due to the air tightness within the home. The health and comfort of the inhabitants are the most important objectives of a Passive House design.

Start-up capital in Turkish companies

Start-up capital in Turkish companies

Shares of the proceeds to which foreign investors are entitled from a complete or partial liquidation of a company that is subject to the Foreign Capital Promotion Act can be obtained through sale at a reasonable price.

Outside Facilities - open for everyone

Outside Facilities - open for everyone

Together with the increasing number of foreigners living over here in Turkey, the faces of the villages and towns are changing too. More and more attention is being paid to the planning and construction of modern traffic areas, to large, well-kept green areas and in general to the development of a modern infrastructure.

Festivals and Celebrations in Turkey

Feste und Feiern in der Türkei

On this date in 1920, during the War of Independence, the Turkish Grand National Assembly was established in Ankara by Mustafa Kemal and laid down the foundations of a new independent state from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.

Yearly Calendar of Events in Turkey

Jährliche Veranstaltungen in der Türkei

Couple of more or less official festivals and events take place from year to year, please add their titles into google and you will easily find the date and place of the actual event.

Solar assistance for the heating system

Heizung mit solarer Unterstützung

Solar Heating can be used as space or water heating which uses the heat energy from the sun’s radiation. There are two different types: passive solar heating (or Passive Solar Design), where the building itself, or parts of it, such as a sun room, are used as a collector, and active solar heating.

Interpreter - often needed service in Turkey

Interpreter - often needed service in Turkey

Whenever you are in Turkey, you may be surprised that a lot of Turkish people notice your orign just by watching you and they are able to use your language properly. Listening to all the different people in a bazaar, you will hear a lot of different nationalities as there is English, German, Dutch and Danish, but also Norwegian and Russian.

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