Interpreter - often needed service in Turkey

Interpreter - often needed service in Turkey

Whenever you are in Turkey, you may be surprised that a lot of Turkish people notice your orign just by watching you and they are able to use your language properly. Listening to all the different people in a bazaar, you will hear a lot of different nationalities as there is English, German, Dutch and Danish, but also Norwegian and Russian.

Foreign Investments in Turkey

Foreign Investments in Turkey

With the Foreign Capital Law No. 6224 which went into effect in 1954, Turkey adopted the most liberal law of the period. The liberalization policies adopted in the 1980s, and the changes in the regulation of currency exchange have made foreign capital investments quite attractive.

Post Offices in Turkey

Post Offices in Turkey

Post offices are mainly small and sometimes hard to find. You need to look for signs showing PTT or, in tourist areas, post office. Post office business hours vary. Main post offices in the centres are always open from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 12.00 noon, and on Sundays from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Lawyer / Notary in Turkey

Lawyer / Notary in Turkey

One thing every visitor to Turkey would like to avoid, is to need a lawyer. However, as usual in daily life, there can be certain situations where you are absolutely helpless and may need the experience of a well - trained lawyer, whether it is because of a traffic problem or something more serious.

Turkish cultural treasures - warning of export

Türkische Kulturschätze

Everywhere in ancient cities you will find "souvenirs" in the form of potsherds with the remains of decorations, amphora handles, roof tiles, processed marble lumps, pieces of glass and much more.

Legal Construction Rules similar to Europe

Legal Construction Rules similar to Europe

In order to make the Turkish laws as similar as possible to the European ones, the Legal Board of Construction is introducing new ones. Most of the newly introduced regulations are quite similar to the ones we know from Europe, especially from Germany.

Turkey - Country on two Continents

Turkey - Country on two Continents

Whenever travelling to Turkey, don´t forget that Turkey belongs to the Eastern European Time zone. In relation to CET (Central European Time), you need to add one hour.

Real Estate in Turkey - partwise different rules

Immobilien in der Türkei

Flats, plots and beautiful villas for a reasonable amount of money! European buyers of real estate in Turkey will get the full guarantee and security of the Turkish government concerning their property.

The Blue Glas Eye - Nazar Boncugu

Das blaue Glasauge

All over Turkey you will see these blue wall eyes, called Nazar Boncugu. In Arabic, Nazar means view or look. This word has the same meaning in the Turkish language. There is a strange belief held by people that there are sometimes negative, bad, and even destructive forces at work. This is what they call the evil eye.

Mountain Climbing - Children of the mountains

Mountain Climbing

The eastern part of Turkey offers a huge variety to mountain climbers, from the tropical landscape of the Ponti Mountains along the Black Sea coast to the year-long snow-covered peak of Mount Ararat and the area of Hakkari in the far south-east. In the tradition of the Armenian people Mount Ararat is the centre of the universe and the Armenian people are the children of the mountain.

What about trekking | backpacking in Turkey?

What about trekking | backpacking in Turkey?

On the way back from Konya we stopped at a wonderful place in the mountains near Akseki, about 50 kilometres from Manavgat. There was a small green area with a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. We were having a drink and a nice piece of cake when suddenly some backpackers appeared.

Paragliding in Turkey. It is always fun!

Paragliding in Turkey. It is fun!

Paragliding sport is to take off by means of running from a high hill instead of plane with a parachute similar to free style jumping parachute on the first look. Parachute, which is lied on a inclined and high hill, is filled with air with the running of pilot and take off with pilot.

Diving - What picturesque surroundings!

Diving in Turkey

The rough rock drops down vertically into the depths. The stones seem to shine. Like the flowers of the dandelion, huge amounts of long-tentacled plate corals grow on the rocks. Starfishes of orange and red are everywhere.

Winter Sports - Skiing in the Taurus Mountains?

Skiing in the Taurus Mountains

Nobody spending a summer holiday on the beach would believe it, but it is true! There are lots of skiing-resorts all over Turkey. Some of the biggest ones are close to Antalya. There will always be enough snow to guarantee skiing until late spring. 

Legal Investments

Prior to 1980, Turkey followed an economic policy based on the substitution of imports. Instead of importing, her goal was to manufacture products in the country which would meet the domestic demand. For long periods of time, newly established industrial branches were protected by customs tariffs and other equally effective taxes.

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