Household Insurance

It doesn't matter if you are the owner of a villa or flat or whether you just have rented it, household insurance offers protection in the following cases:

Interpreter - often needed service in Turkey

Whenever you are in Turkey, you may be surprised that a lot of Turkish people notice your orign just by watching you and they are able to use your language properly. Listening to all the different people in a bazaar, you will hear a lot of different nationalities as there is English, German, Dutch and Danish, but also Norwegian and Russian.

Post Offices in Turkey

Post offices are mainly small and sometimes hard to find. You need to look for signs showing PTT or, in tourist areas, post office. Post office business hours vary. Main post offices in the centres are always open from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 12.00 noon, and on Sundays from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Lawyer / Notary in Turkey

One thing every visitor to Turkey would like to avoid, is to need a lawyer. However, as usual in daily life, there can be certain situations where you are absolutely helpless and may need the experience of a well - trained lawyer, whether it is because of a traffic problem or something more serious.

Feasts and Celebrations in Turkey

On this date in 1920, during the War of Independence, the Turkish Grand National Assembly was established in Ankara by Mustafa Kemal and laid down the foundations of a new independent state from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.

Turkish Treasure

Everywhere in the antique cities one can find “souvenirs” in the form of potsherds, decorated marble and glass bits etc. And if you stir in the ground more will appear. There are naturally most possibilities where there are few tourists and where the archaeologists have not yet been. There are also broken columns, capitals* and sarchophagi* that would look nice in any garden. 

Hookah - turkish nargile!

With great relish Ahmed is leaning back and blowing a thick cloud of white smoke into the air. After a gulp of tea and a few words with his neighbour he turns back to his hookah. With the help of a pair of small tongs he puts several pieces of coal into the correct position on the wooden head of the hookah.

Legal System of Turkey

The legal system of the Republic of Turkey is provided by the laws and the procedures of the executive organs (regulations, statutes, decrees) dictated by the Constitution. Furthermore, the administration contributes to providing for this system with some regulatory procedures such as general written notices, circulars, and budget application directives.

The Population of Turkey

Dignity, noblesse, righteousness, enormous stamina and bravery are some of the characteristics of the Turks. They are relatively reserved and not that gossipy like some of their neighbours. Also, typical southern discretion isn´t that strange to them. They are much more like the ghost in the bottle which stays calm until someone opens the bottle and the volcano explodes.

Turkish Currency (TRY)

The New Turkish Lira (TL) is no longer "new". In order to make it easier to handle Turkish money, the government has introduced new Turkish currency since January 2005. 

Hints and Tips for Travellers to Turkey

Friendly behaviour is always treated with kindness. Show some respect to elderly people and learn some Turkish words and phrases. Women should dress suitably if they don't want too much publicity and harassment. 

Turkey - Country on two Continents

Whenever travelling to Turkey, don´t forget that Turkey belongs to the Eastern European Time zone. In relation to CET (Central European Time), you need to add one hour. 
And of course, there is summer time regulation in Turkey as well,  you need to add one hour onto CEST (Central European Summer Time).

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