Diving - What picturesque surroundings!

Diving in Turkey

The rough rock drops down vertically into the depths. The stones seem to shine. Like the flowers of the dandelion, huge amounts of long-tentacled plate corals grow on the rocks. Starfishes of orange and red are everywhere.

Winter Sports - Skiing in the Taurus Mountains?

Skiing in the Taurus Mountains

Nobody spending a summer holiday on the beach would believe it, but it is true! There are lots of skiing-resorts all over Turkey. Some of the biggest ones are close to Antalya. There will always be enough snow to guarantee skiing until late spring. 

Property Broker in Turkey

Property Broker in Turkey

In appropriate sections of the European laws concerning Civil Rights, the broker is described as a person who is responsible for creating and signing a contract ordered by his principal and, in return, is paid. In these circumstances, contracts with brokers can be obligatory for one side only.

Portrait of Vural Öger - A German with a Turkish heart

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Portrait of Vural Öger - A German with a Turkish heart

Öger started charter flights to Anatolia for Turkish guest workers in 1969. The student Vural Öger, who came to Berlin in 1961 before the first guest workers came to Berlin as a student of metallurgy and mining, was astonished to find that there were no direct flights to Turkey from Hamburg, so he chartered an airplane and sold the tickets to his compatriots.

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