Picturesque Storybook Caravan-Camping in autumn

Picturesque Storybook Caravan-Camping in autumn

From mid-September to mid-November we were on the road in the Fendt-caravan and were able to experience an autumn fall, which cannot not be more nice.

Hello Fendtianer! - Our destinations were Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Tyrol and South Tyrol!

Each landscape in itself is already a complete holiday destination, but we managed all four regions and the impressions were terrific! Since we had almost no rain in eight weeks, we just saw a few drops at night from time to time, so we experienced an indescribably beautiful time. The autumn took over from the summer and put on his best dress. We could admire a blaze of color, which enabled us never ceases to amaze and this anew every day.

Each season has its own special charm for campers like us. But as a storybook so picturesque we never experienced Autumn like this. Nine campsites we headed on and everyone was impressive due to its own character. Each region also reflected in the campsite again. Thus we experience different campers of a wonderful variety, with interesting tours that are exciting again and again.

We had the feeling that lot of the campers realized to be still alive with such a golden autumn. A walk, a hike or a bike ride, we are always in the camp-sites, in the beautiful nature. On many days it was enough to even wear a T-shirt, while the November already stood at the door. We have enjoyed this wonderful autumn and many campers with us.

By "feeling at home" in the Fendt-caravan we have seen lot of places again and just a little later we will be back on the road, because especially with the many Christmas markets we can admire brilliant colors and yet much more.
Greetings to all Fendt friends!
Heribert Maurenbrecher

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