Sheltered Homes - a solution for residents

Sheltered Homes

Sheltered accommodation offers independent and self-contained living in your own apartment with the additional opportunity of using as many other on-site services as necessary. In this type of accommodation the customer rents out or buys a complete flat, or a part of it, with bathroom and kitchen, completely furnished, with extra- and community rooms, garden and/or pool equipment.

A major advantage of sheltered accommodation is the fact that it gives as much independence as possible with as much help as is necessary.

The usual argument for settling in Turkey is the small amount of money you need to spend on services of all types, whether it be wellness or body care, medical care, dental and optical services, gardening or house-keeping. Not to forget the much lower living costs over here.

Thousands of new "settlers" have already been taking advantage of this for the last few years.


Why not people using Sheltered Accommodation?

Fit ladies and gentlemen are moving to the south, where there are lovely temperatures, more than 300 days of sunshine and deep, clear blue waters already making it really comfortable. While prices in Spain have increased so much, the same cannot yet be said for Turkey.

Medical care is excellent, hospitals are of European standard, care and services using highly qualified practitioners and in different languages is available. There are many interesting sights and lots of sports and leisure events to suit all tastes, all of it in really good weather conditions and an average water temperature of 22°.

Really good travel connections make is possible for your relatives to make even short visits, just the mode of transport will change to an aeroplane.

We wonder, what is going to happen with this idea?