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Health-related quality of life is a multi-dimensional concept that includes facts related to physical, mental, emotional and social functioning. A related concept of health-related quality of life is well-being, which assesses the positive aspects of a person’s life, such as positive emotions and life satisfaction.
Well-being - wellness programs mean spending less on medical costs. Participating in a wellness program reduces health insurance premiums, saves money on medical costs. Like businesses, health insurance companies offer customers incentives to use their wellness services.
Throughout the world, the demand for first class International Health Insurance has never been greater. As social health insurance services that could once be relied upon are no longer able to keep pace with the ever increasing

Sebastian Kneipp's medical Kneipp cures

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Sebastian Kneipp's medical Kneipp cures

In Bad Bibra we recently came across some water application facilities that are frequented here by locals and guests: water treading and drinking facilities as a source of health according to Sebastian Kneipp.

Thermal springs - a source of health development

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Thermal springs - a source of health development

Hot and warm springs have been used for therapeutic purposes in many cultures for many centuries, as they are often rich in dissolved minerals of different composition, far more than in cold springs.

Esthetic and Body Care in Turkey

Esthetic and Body Care in Turkey

In todays times, were fitness, health and a beautiful outfit is taking a more and more important part in the process of being successful in society and job of daily life and lot of different tipsand helps are available to benefit in relation to your good looking, but because of lack of money often are not available, there again is Turkey to offer a practicable and profitable alternative solution.

Hairdresser and Barber - massage included

Hairdresser and Barber

As a male visitor to Turkey you should also, during your stay, visit a hair dresser, whether it is necessary or not. In Turkey, men do not go to the hairdresser just because they need a haircut. Apart from the washing, cutting and drying of your hair, you normally get an extremely relaxing massage of your head and your shoulders. 

Traditional Hamam - The Turkish Bath

Hamam - The Turkish Bath

The Turkish hamam is a wonderful chance to finish your holiday here in Turkey in a really relaxing way. Forget all your prudish ideas of body care and step in! This experience will be unforgettableand will be one of the highlights of your holiday. Join in this traditional method of cultivated cleansing and relaxation which you will never experience in western European bathrooms and showers.

Sheltered Homes - a solution for residents

Sheltered Homes

Sheltered accommodation offers independent and self-contained living in your own apartment with the additional opportunity of using as many other on-site services as necessary. In this type of accommodation the customer rents out or buys a complete flat, or a part of it, with bathroom and kitchen, completely furnished, with extra- and community rooms, garden and/or pool equipment.

Euryphon - Doctor and Physician

Euryphon - Doctor and Physician

Euryphon, a celebrated Greek physician and doctor of Cnidos in Caria, who was probably born in the former half of the 5th century BC, as Soranus says that he was a contemporary of Hippocrates, but older.

Turkey: The Future’s Wellness Country

The Future’s Wellness Country

Turkey is not only the country with 1001 thermal resources, it is also known as the first place to have thermal springs in world history - the Hierapolis, which is close to the worldly famous natural wonder Pamukkale, has been the place where the Roman Empire’s family members and other well-known wealthy people in history had come to in search of health.

Health Insurance - a basic level of general medical treatment

Health Insurance

Legal health insurance in Turkey, as in other countries in Europe, entitles you to a basic level of general medical treatment. Like everywhere else, people will need to pay much more for their health treatment in the future. The same will apply in Turkey as costs increase.

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