Euryphon - Doctor and Physician

Euryphon - Doctor and Physician

Euryphon, a celebrated Greek physician and doctor of Cnidos in Caria, who was probably born in the former half of the 5th century BC, as Soranus says that he was a contemporary of Hippocrates, but older.

Soranus also says that he and Hippocrates were summoned to the court of Perdiccas II of Macedon; but this story is considered very doubtful, if not altogether apocryphal. He is mentioned in a corrupt fragment of the poet Plato, preserved by Galen. He is several times quoted by Galen, who says that he was considered to be the author of different ancient medical works and also that some people attributed to him several works included in the Corpus Hippocraticum.

From a passage in Caelius Aurelianus it appears that Euryphron was aware of the difference between the arteries and the veins, and also considered that the former vessels contained blood. Of his works nothing is now extant except a few fragments, unless he is the author of the treatises in the Hippocratic collection that have been attributed to him.



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