england warwickshire warwick castleIn the 8th and 9th centuries, what was now Warwickshire was part of the Kingdom of Mercia. This kingdom ended in the late 9th century and 874 large parts of Mercia were ceded to the Danish conquerors by King Alfred's contract with the Danish leader Guthrum.
Because of its location between the borders of two kingdoms, Warwickshire had to create a defense against the risk of a Danish invasion. This task was carried out by Ethelfleda, "Lady of the Mercians" and daughter of King Alfred, who was responsible for the construction of the first parts of Warwick Castle.

Stratford upon Avon - just Shakespeare's birthplace?

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Stratford upon Avon - more than just Shakespeare's birthplace

Although rainy and windy, the English lessons about the city Stratford upon Avon as the birthplace of Shakespeare still in mind, we were tempted to drive to the city, despite the warning of tourist flows from the Far East.


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