Migrants are people who move from one place of residence or country to other places of residence or countries, with migrant workers comprising the largest group of migrants. Refugees are different from migrants in international law, those people whose status is regulated by the Geneva Refugee Convention. Recognized refugees within the meaning of the Convention are those who are persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, political beliefs or belonging to a particular social group.
The main difference between refugees and migrants is that migrants in their country of origin are not threatened with persecution and can return to their homeland at any time. Some migrants also leave their homeland because of extreme poverty and need - but these people are basically not refugees according to the laws.
That is certainly formulated correctly and regulated by law, but does not really improve the life situation for the individual! Wealth (not just money) has to be distributed more equitably, this is the only way to solve problems related with migration!

Farma Sotira - practical Kitchenbox 1.0 in use in Albania

Farma Sotira - practical Kitchenbox 1.0 in use in Albania

As already reported, we met Hannes and Sascha during the meeting of the roof tent nomads in Oldendorf near Hanover for the first time, where they were able to impressively present their compact kitchens. A little later, we visited their workshops in Lungötz in Austria and meanwhile we use one of their compact kitchens, the Kitchenbox 1.0, during our excursions as part of the project work "Migration and Travelling along Roman roads" with growing enthusiasm, whenever the opportunity arises.

Tourism and caravanning Leipzig - Glass Hall lures

Tourism and caravanning Leipzig - the imposing glass hall lures

The fair Tourism & Caravan Leipzig is Central Germany's largest travel fair and we have taken the opportunity to participate with our previous project work on installing interesting campsites and camper stops into the existing camper route across the Balkans and  resulting from the project work introducing our partially guided camper tours passing Albania, Macedonia and Greece.

Inflatable tents on the rise - GT Box at campsite Vienna West

Inflatable tents on the rise - GT Box at campsite Vienna West

Now and then we meet with campers who are already using inflatable tents as roof tent and / or as awning which are so easy "to be built up ready to use", quickly we are in a lovely conversation, especially since we use an inflatable roof tent too, if it goes off the routes for exploring hiking or mountain biking trails within our project.

Turkey Tour - Notice for Camper and Caravan friends

Turkey Tour 2016

Since May 2014, we are on the roads for our cultural project "A Journey of Communication and Culture along the Roman road system" to promote local heritage combined with outdoor activities and individual tourism, a concept that has led to a variety acquaintances and meetings with campers on the road.

Camping Freedom with Caravan - new ways!

Camping Freedom with Caravan

In this rapidly developing technology age; on one hand, humanity destroys the nature, on the other hand, the nature continues to impress the humanity. Some people have been discovering the blessings and the beauty of the nature because nowadays nature means freedom for the humanity.

Poti - once a Greek colony in today's Georgia

Poti - once a Greek colony in today's Georgia

Although Micha and Philipp are already back from their year-long tour of the Balkans in Turkey and on to Georgia, some reports on their destinations are still pending. So we have reported on their negative experiences when they wanted to go to Russia from Georgia, which they were not allowed despite the presented visa.

GetWet Rent A Boat Vourvourou Sithonia

GetWet Rent A Boat Vourvourou Sithonia

Greece is known worldwide to be the perfect vacation spot. Vourvourou is found on the middle peninsula of beautiful Halkidiki,it’s a place by the sea where you can find beautiful beaches, warm crystal clear water in any possible shade of blue!!!

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