Migrants are people who move from one place of residence or country to other places of residence or countries, with migrant workers comprising the largest group of migrants. Refugees are different from migrants in international law, those people whose status is regulated by the Geneva Refugee Convention. Recognized refugees within the meaning of the Convention are those who are persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, political beliefs or belonging to a particular social group.
The main difference between refugees and migrants is that migrants in their country of origin are not threatened with persecution and can return to their homeland at any time. Some migrants also leave their homeland because of extreme poverty and need - but these people are basically not refugees according to the laws.
That is certainly formulated correctly and regulated by law, but does not really improve the life situation for the individual! Wealth (not just money) has to be distributed more equitably, this is the only way to solve problems related with migration!

Farma Sotira - practical Kitchenbox in use in Albania

Farma Sotira - practical Kitchenbox 1.0 in use in Albania

As already reported, we met Hannes and Sascha during the meeting of the roof tent nomads in Oldendorf near Hanover for the first time, where they were able to impressively present their compact kitchens. A little later, we visited their workshops in Lungötz in Austria and meanwhile we use one of their compact kitchens, the Kitchenbox 1.0, during our excursions as part of the project work "Migration and Travelling along Roman roads" with growing enthusiasm, whenever the opportunity arises.

Cocoa and migration - globalization in modern world

Cocoa and migration - globalization in the modern world

When talking about cocoa, the most common thought is always associated with chocolate or the ever-popular cocoa drink. That's actually the case with us, who like to drink a cup of cocoa in the evening or on the go, if it's traditionally made with milk, not water and comes from the vending machine.

"Environment Builds Bridges - Çevrecilikle Kurulan Köprüler"


A few weeks ago we received an email with the following content from Mrs. Kirsten Ettrich-Örtel from Özel Antalya Koleji, which we are happy to reproduce in the original wording, because our subsequently agreed visit to this school and the integration into the event there could not have been initiated any better:

Camping Freedom with Caravan - new ways!

Camping Freedom with Caravan

In this rapidly developing technology age; on one hand, humanity destroys the nature, on the other hand, the nature continues to impress the humanity. Some people have been discovering the blessings and the beauty of the nature because nowadays nature means freedom for the humanity.

Alpine Cross Cabin Concept Van

Alpine Cross Cabin Concept Van

The walk through the Hamburg Camping Fair was once again worthwhile, as we noticed a concept car for the first time, which our activities of traveling and reporting on the Internet


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