Skydancer – interesting concept motorhome at CMT

Skydancer – interesting concept motorhome at the CMT

At the camping trade fair in Warsaw we first noticed a concept motorhome that, completely unlike previous vehicles, had moved the driver's cab to a higher position and was equipped with an opening panoramic roof, creating a kind of sun terrace when the roof was open.

Since there were four seats on this level, all four users had the same all-round view. At the time, the concept was presented in a 7.5 ton (original) prototype. During the current tour of the CMT we discovered the “Skydancer” again, now based on a 3.5 ton truck with the implementation of the idea of the “Panorama Motorhome” with an elevated and all-round glazed cabin.

Skydancer concept now as a 3.5 ton motorhome

skydancer 02“We have also introduced the 2B concept in the 3.5 tonne class by designing an adapter frame/cab frame for a Fiat Ducato chassis. This frame also allows the 2B to be built on a self-supporting chassis. The relocation of the driver's position in a chassis that is not based on a guide frame (as is typical for trucks, e.g. IVECO) but has a self-supporting body structure is unique in the world," said Sebastian Klauz, editor of Polski Caravaning magazine and co-founder of the company Skydancer GmbH, which developed this innovative construction concept for the motorhome.

“Our flagship is the 2B (Two Floor Height Motorhome) concept, which defines a new recreational vehicle category. The basic idea is: at the front on the raised level there is a cabin for all four travellers, at the back on the lower level is the standard living space of the motorhome.

The previous model Apero 2 will also continue to be built on the basis of individual orders and calculations, because the striking look has its fans who will continue to be served in the future. Design detached from short-lived fashion trends, the appearance will forever remain timeless and extravagant.

Sky Diamond as a further development of the Apero

skydancer apero cabrio“Basically, however, we are concentrating on building the successor model called Sky Diamond as a further development of the Apero. More modern looks, modified ergonomics, Hi-Teck materials, well-known suppliers of the individual components - that is the DNA of the Diamond. “We will really boost the typical Skydancer convertible driving fun,” said the manufacturers from Cologne.

The main differences between Sky Diamond and Apero:

  • New, angular 4-pane front design (to which the car owes its model name).
  • Puristic exterior design.
  • Modern interior design. The car primarily eschews “living room furniture ambience” and baroque luxury. It should be puristic, functional, extravagant, modern.
  • Three different bed concepts can be selected in the rear.

Another special feature: we build convertible motorhomes!

skydancer 03Our “2B” concept is predestined for this because:

1. no sleeping beds are placed on the ceiling of the driving cabin,

2. the passengers sit high and close to the cabin ceiling.

3. Another thing that is close to our hearts: we build fully-fledged four-person mobile homes. This means that no one has to sit on narrow makeshift seats or benches in the rear structure anymore.

4. In the Skydancer there are always four real car seats/pilot seats that are wide and ergonomically shaped and are located in the glazed cabin. All travellers enjoy the great view together and can also easily chat with each other.

5. Even travellers who are mainly traveling as a couple will soon no longer want to be without the Skydancer's generously sized cabin.

skydancer 04

Model:                       Sky Diamond
Engine:                      Turbodiesel 2.2L 140 - 180HP
Emissions standard:  Euro 6 D Final
Dimensions:               Length: 6.48 / 6.98 / 7.48
Width:                         2.12
Height:                        2.98
Empty weight dry:      2900 – 3000
Ready-to-drive empty weight
(Fuel, Driver):                            3,080 - 3,180
Total weight:                              3,500 / 4,200
Seating:                                     4 individual seats in the front area
Sleeping places:                        4 fixed double beds at the back 200 x 140 or 2 single beds 80
                                                   x 200, folding double bed in the driving cabin (200 x 140)
Heating/hot water:                     Truma Kombi
Fresh/wastewater:                      84 - 168 l
Refrigerator:                               90 - 140 l

Optional air conditioning in the living area, automatic climate control in the vehicle, leather interior, extensive electronic equipment and much more.

We'll stay tuned and continue to report on this new concept.

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