Schaffhausen and the Rhine Falls

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Schaffhausen is the northernmost city in Switzerland and is, next to Basel, the town of Stein am Rhein, Neunkirch and Eglisau one of the few Swiss cities north of the High Rhine. Schaffhausen is located southeast of the Randen, at the mouth of the from the north arriving Durach into the Rhine.

The old town has numerous buildings from Renaissance. The epithet Erkerstadt Schaffhausen got due to the 300 existing bay window. Outside the original city walls, now expanding in the middle of the city, is the Munot, a 16th century fortress. Southwest of the city, but no longer in the city, are the Rhine Falls, the largest waterfalls of Europe.

Embedded in a paradisiacal landscape. Characterized by the Rhine, endless vineyards, dense forests and the hills of the Randen, perfect for hiking and cycling – that is the Schaffhauserland. Or discover the 171 bay windows of the old town of Schaffhausen, feel the fine spray of the roaring Rhine Falls on your skin, enjoy the fruity, fresh wines of the Schaffhausen Blauburgunderland or stroll through the gem of Stein am Rhein and let yourself be enchanted by the medieval charm and the facade paintings.

In the surroundings of Schaffhausen, north in the hilly area of the Randen and in the vine-covered slopes of the Klettgau, you can go on beautiful hikes and bike tours and enjoy a tasty Pinot Noir wine. You can learn about the history of the wine on the Blauburgunderland Panorama Trail or in the winemaking museum in Hallau.

Short stop at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen

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Short stop at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen

Our route to Zurich leads via Schaffhausen, so what could be more appropriate than to visit the Rhine Falls during the short drive from Rottweil. Short stop at the Swiss border with  purchasing of the obligatory vignette to use the roads of Switzerland without any penalty.


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