Southeastern Anatolia

Southeastern Anatolia is bordered by the Mediterranean Region to the west, the Eastern Anatolia Region to the north, Syria to the south, and Iraq to the southeast. Southeastern Anatolia Region covers 7.5 percent of the lands in Turkey with a surface area of 61.000 km2 (23,552 sq mi). Southeastern Anatolian Region has a very rich history and cultural heritage as can be seen in its magnificent historical sites.

Kilis at the Syrian border

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Kilis an der Grenze zu Syrien

Kilis is a city in South-Central Turkey on the border with Syria and capital of Kilis Province. It is generally associated with the city of Kilisi, noted in Assyrian texts.Read More The Öncüpınar Syrian border crossing is 5 km (3 mi) to the south and the large city of Gaziantep is 60 km (37 mi) to the north.

Diyarbakir - A City Where Old Meets New

Diyarbakır - Treffpunkt zwischen Antike und Moderne

The Diyarbakir city walls were first constructed by the Roman Emperor Constantine. The city walls were enlarged during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods and 82 towers were added. These walls are the second longest walls in the world after the Great Wall of China and actually rank first in terms of wall height.

Şırnak - border with Iraq and Syria

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Şırnak - border with Iraq and Syria

The current daily policy in the Syrian conflict has brought tragic problems to the province of Şırnak and thus its provincial capital of the same name due to the shared border with Syria after the long-existing Kurdish conflicts, because thousands of Syrian refugees sought their salvation by fleeing abroad.

Nemrut Mountain - Ancient monuments at the Euphrate

Nemrut Mountain - Ancient  monuments at the Euphrate

Nemrut Mountain, much better known as the Mountain of Nemrut, is in the province of Adiyaman to the west of the Euphrates valley in the south east of Turkey and is one of the most important tourist sites in the country.

Sanlıurfa known as ancient Edessa

Şanlıurfa - Geschichte der Stadt

Sanlıurfa as a city is mostly known by the Europeans with her antique name, Edessa. Sanlıurfa is the central part of a city in Turkey with a population of about 390.000 and is located in the hot climate zone in southeast Anatolia. In geographical terms, she is part of Northern Mesopotamia.

Gaziantep - Past and Present

Die Stadt Gaziantep

Gaziantep province, founded on a fertile land with a moderate climate, is the most important industrial and cultural centre of the region. There are architectural structures in the city which show the remains of a rich history.

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