The north and east of Hesse are part of the catchment area of the Weser, which crosses the country in the far north. Their source rivers Fulda and Werra flow through Hesse over 215 km and 95 km respectively. In contrast, the rest of the country is drained towards the Rhine, which forms the border with Rhineland-Palatinate in the southwest over a length of 107 km. Its main tributaries for Hesse are Main and Lahn, but the Neckar also flows a short distance through the extreme south of Hesse.
Frankfurt am Main Airport is by far the most important airport in Germany and one of the ten largest in the world. Not far southeast of Frankfurt Airport is the Frankfurt-Egelsbach airfield, which is frequented by smaller machines.

Thermal Bath Wiesbaden - city of thermal springs

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Thermal Bath Wiesbaden - city of thermal springs

For some time now, we have had business contacts in Wiesbaden, which, due to the really well-working Internet connections, could be managed by email so far.

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