Continuing the journey through Kelmend to Vermosh Valley

Continuing the journey through Kelmend to Vermosh Valley

From the Albanian side the Vermosh is quite difficult to reach, despite the now completely asphalted road, the serpentines are so strong.


The approximately 70-kilometer-long road from Han i Hotit on Lake Shkodra  first climbs a pass and then winds down in many spikes into the gorge of the Cem Valley, we have already reported. about this part.


After a few isolated farms one reaches an old stone bridge, which caused us to stop.


In search of a suitable location for photographing, this friendly lady helped us to make her garden accessible to us.


Who once was responsible for the bridge construction we couldn´t find out at this point.


The road then leads to Tamara, the main town of the region, where tourist information is also available.


This is a good starting point, if one is looking for information for hikes or a hiking guide.


The village is surrounded by mighty rock walls, in the heights still hiding some farms and secluded hamlets.


The village square was modernized a few years ago, next to cafes there is a small shop, probably the last possibility to cover up with supplies and a good place to buy regional products.


After Tamara, the main town of the region of Kelmend, and the village of Selca, follows the valley as far as the pass Qafa e Bordolecit at 1355 m above sea level.


Shortly before Vermosh, the road passes through another ravine, followed by the Vermosh Valley. In winter the road is often impassable because of the many snow.

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