Rewa - Big jumps in a storm on the bay

Rewa - Big jumps in a storm on the bay

The fishing village of Rewa is located in former West Prussia, on the Zatoka Pucka (Putziger Wiek), about nine kilometres north-east of the town of Rumia (Rahmel), we have already reported several times.

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A continuous, narrow sandbank called Reff runs through the Zatoka Pucka between Rewa and the village of Kuźnica (Kußfeld) on the Hel Peninsula.

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This sandbar is often submerged when the sea swells, leaving small passages through which fishing boats can pass when the water recedes; the deepest of these passages is called Kuźnica (Deepke – small depth).

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In our previous reports, we reported in particular about this sandbank, which is always of particular interest to day trippers. So for us, too.

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Now we had another opportunity to visit the bay for a short walk and were amazed at the hustle and bustle on the sandbank, despite the stormy wind and the turbulent sea.

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On this New Year's Day, a number of windsurfers and kite surfers who wanted to take advantage of the strong wind to do sports had gathered.

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The windsurfers (we will report later) made their tracks at great speed, sometimes almost on the sandbank, so strong was the wind and the correspondingly quick reactions of the surfers.

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But the kite surfers also drew our attention, because sometimes the surfers were lifted up so much that they made big jumps.

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Even landing was problematic, so we could observe that a surfer could hardly tame her sail and was "carried" into the water without a surfboard.

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With their neoprene suits, however, they seemed to be well protected against the cold and wet, because their activities were only interrupted by short breaks, probably due to exhaustion.

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An unexpected, sporty side effect of this walk on the Rewa sandbank.

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