Along Ohrid Lake - from Ohrid to Sveti Naum

Along Ohrid Lake - from Ohrid to Sveti Naum

Our journey of discovery should today take us from Camping Rino in Struga along the road from Ohrid to the monastery Sveti Naum. Every now and then we made short stops to get down to the lake shore.


The Ohrid Lake is not only interesting for travelers and holidaymakers because, in addition, scientists are also very interested in the biotope Ohrid Lake and its variety of plants and animals.


Not only because the lake is one of the oldest in the world (probably about 5 million years), but also because of its still excellent water quality, which is also appreciated by the animal world.


As the lake has no significant surface inflow, the flora and fauna could develop over the years to some unique species.


Many of the typical fish species in Europe are missing - there is, for example, the Ohrid trout, which is only found in this lake.


There is an underground water connection from Lake Ohrid to Prespa Lake, which lies about 150 meters higher. The two lakes are separated by the Galičica Mountains, where the underground watercourses could develop.


It is absolutely worth to go up to the pass in Galičica National Park. From here you can enjoy magnificent views of Ohrid and Prespa Lake, as well start hiking to Magaro Mountain.


Numerous bays offer the opportunity to take part in sporting activities to water lovers. But also the quiet-seeking traveler comes to his expense, as the pictures clearly show.


For those who prefer being less active, a boat trip from Ohrid to Sveti Naum or on the spring lake near Sveti Naum by boat is recommended.


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