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The county of Derbyshire lies in a mountainous landscape. Most of the Peak District National Park lies within Derbyshire. The northern part of the county overlaps with the Pennines, a famous range of hills and mountains. The county is part of the National Forest and borders the counties and areas of Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

Those who are good on foot can hike through the national park along the 431-kilometer-long Pennine Way. The low mountain ranges of the Pennines extend to the north of Derbyshire. Bizarre sandstone formations, winding cave systems and wildly romantic moorland landscapes are waiting to be discovered by you. From the summit of the 517-meter-high Mam Tor there are magnificent views of the picture-perfect Derbyshire landscape.

A stay in Derbyshire offers active holidaymakers and individualists the opportunity to discover a still relatively unknown region for themselves. The Peak District National Park is of incomparable scenic beauty, regardless of whether you explore it on a black horse, on horseback or by bike.

If you're planning to explore the national park, it's a good idea to stay overnight in a cozy hotel in Derby. The city is known for its porcelain factory and the production of the luxury Rolls-Royce car. The cathedral rises above the roofs of the city, where you can view important tombs.

The city museum shows fragile beauties from the local manufacturer. Historical flair can be felt when strolling through the Market Place.

The Romans in Glossop - Doctors Gate of the Bleaklow

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The Romans in Glossop - Doctors Gate of the Bleaklow

Long before Christ, the region around Glossop was inhabited by human beings, as there are indications of a Bronze Age burial site on Shire Hill (near Old Glossop) and some other possibly prehistoric remains in Torside (on the slopes of Bleaklow).


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