The Marionette Theatre - Kaburcuk & Lubet in Anatolia

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The Marionette Theatre

The Marionette Theatre, which is known as Korcak, Kudurcuk, Kaburcuk and Lubet in Anatolia, is the oldest form of theatre in the world. Some other expressions like Korkolcak and Cadirhayal (time for fantasy) describe better exactly what it means.

Pink Floyd dances Istanbul - Teatro alla Scala Ballet

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Pink Floyd dances to Istanbul with Teatro

“Pink Floyd Ballet”, the show by Italian Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company, which had its world premiere in 1972 with magnificent live performances by Pink Floyd – the legendary rock band- will be on stage with it’s last and longer version at the Istanbul Congress Center between November 25th and 28th, courtesy of “Show How” organization.

Traditional Galanty Show - Karagöz and Hacivat

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Traditional Galanty Show - Karagöz and Hacivat

- Traditional drama (Light comedy)
Our shadow play KARAGÖZ HACIVAT, being a cornerstone of our traditional culture’s galanty show and fairytale teller and mimic, were created centuries ago.

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