The theater group "Sultanas" in Izmir

The theater group

In 2006, the theatre group "Die Sultaninen" was founded in Berlin, made up of actors of different nationalities and all over 60 years of age, who were able to stage and perform their first play "The Turkish Wedding" with great success.

The composition of German, Persian, Polish, Lithuanian and Turkish actors with correspondingly different cultural backgrounds was an absolute challenge for all 15 participants of the original group.

"Wandering Stars" was created from improvisations by the theatre group

sultaninen 11The theatre group is currently staying in Turkey, including in Izmir, where their latest play “Wandering Stars” is being performed. The play is about three single women who, despite or maybe because of their advanced age (all three are over 60 years old), are looking for a partner for their old age. How else could it be expected, these three women also belong to different cultural groups, so a German, a Polish and a Turkish woman is looking for the man for life. The entire theatre performance is accompanied by German and Turkish songs, the languages spoken are German and Turkish. Like the first piece, "The Turkish Wedding", the piece "Wandering Stars" was also created from improvisations by the theatre group.

Interactive exchange with viewers and residents

sultaninen 14Under the direction of Mrs. Hülya Karci and the musical accompaniment of Mrs. Raminta Kurklietyte, a lively performance is offered in 70 minutes that is second to none. The goal of the entire intercultural theatre group is not only to entertain the audience interactively, but above all to enter into an intercultural exchange of experiences that deals with life in Berlin and in Izmir: "The Turks, who have been migrants in Berlin for fifty years People who live in Berlin or other places in Germany have often developed new personalities and new views. At the same time, this has also changed the perspectives of many Germans”.

It promises to be an interesting evening of theatre, which, as is so often the case when it comes to cultural events, will take place in the Goethe Institute. With free admission and in the usual relaxed atmosphere, there will certainly also be the possibility of personal contact with the theatre group, because, as already mentioned, that is one of the main goals of the multi-cultural troupe, interactive exchange with viewers and residents.

When and where the 15-strong multicultural theatre group "The Sultanas" has planned further performances can be found on the website "The Sultanas".

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