Sometimes just local heritage is not enough to attract travelers who want to help develop local tourism. As part of our project, we develop programs that focus on the smooth growth and spread the concept of sustainable tourism.
The concept of caravan and RV tourism has gained immense popularity all over the world, people who stand for freedom, tolerance and flexibility and who like discovering new things. Caravan tourism includes a wide range of hiking and cycling opportunities for youth, families, seniors and international tourists.
One of the essential requirements for Caravan Tourism is the availability of sufficient number of campgrounds or camperstops, where campers can find overnight self-selected places that offer basic or upgraded amenities and facilities, and last not least outdoor activities.

Station 45 - Camping Site "Unter den Jenzig" in Jena

 Station 44 - Camping Site

The campground "Unter den Jenzig" at the green belt of Jena is located at the foot of the mountain Jenzig, which makes it an ideal starting point for city sightseeing as well as cycling and hiking along the Saale or up to the Jenzig mountain horse shoe.

Station 21 - Alexandroupolis - Camping and sightseeing

Station 21 - Alexandroupolis - Camping and sightseeing

On the way to the south, the Municipal Campsite in Alexandroupolis is a very good option for a stopover just before the Turkish border, which offers good shopping, an interesting downtown and the very well-equipped campsite also a fairly good network of cycle paths.

Station 26. Alaturka Oba camper stop in Alanya

Station 26. Alaturka Oba camper stop in Alanya

Just off the tourist center of Alanya, Camperstop Alaturka is located on terraced terrain about 80 meters above sea level, so that the campers seats allow the view of the sea and the still green district Oba with its orange and lemon plantations.

Station 43 - From Jena to Triocamp Praha in Prague

Station 43 - From Jena to the Triocamp Praha in Prague

As a stopover we thought of a place in the vicinity of Prague, since Prague is an ideal destination for interesting city-trips all year long, there are many sights, interesting big city flair as well as tours on the river Vltava, to the castle Hradschin and the Jewish quarter.

Station 13 - Rapsani Olympus Camperstop - Wine Tours

Station 13 - Rapsani Olympus Camperstop - Wine Tours!

On the way to the south, between Thessaloniki and Athens, the Rapsani camper stop offers an excellent opportunity to spend a few days in the area of Rapsani, a region that is attractive year-round destinations for hiking in the Olympus massif, cycling in the plain of the Pinios delta and to visit of cultural property in Rapsani or also in Platamonas offers.


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