Station 6 - Kamp Galeb / Omis and Split on the way to South

Kamp Galeb / Omis and Split on the way to the south

The Kamp Galeb campsite is situated at the entrance to the picturesque Dalmatian town of Omiš, a town with a long and interesting history of piracy, near the stunning canyon and mouth of the river Cetina.

Situated directly on a sandy beach in the picturesque town of Omiš, only 25 km from the center of Split, camping Galeb offers over 250 pitches within 80 m of the beach as well as new luxurious energy efficient mobile homes with Jacuzzi. On top of that our guests can enjoy two pools, wellness and a gym. The price of less than 17 Eur for 2 persons in pre and post-season and additional discounts for longer stay, are the best invitation to explore Dalmatia and its mild climate in spring, autumn or even winter.

The attractive location of the campsite, surrounded by mountains near the estuary of the river Cetina and a town with piracy in its history, is only one of its numerous attraction.

The campsite’s location is ideal for day trips to Split, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Krka and Međugorje.

Take advantage of the agency at the reception desk to organize excursions to nearby towns and islands, as well as

Rafting, canyoning, kayaking, canoeing, hiking and zip line adventures.

Enjoy the peaceful quiet of nature throughout the year...

Accommodation for campers

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-route_6-omis-camp-galeb-4.jpgAmong more than 250 pitches, surrounded by the sea and the beautiful sandy beach on one side and the imposing cliffs of Omiš on the other hand, you will certainly find the ideal place for your camper, caravan or tent.

The pitches and camping spots in Camp Galeb are surrounded by majestic poplars, birches, lindens and tamarisks, which offer the perfect protection from summer heat and sun rays. The pitches offer electricity boxes, some fresh water supply in place, wastewater treatment and draining of sewage at the station in space terrain.

Autumn, winter and spring camping

For campers on the way to the South, we offer all year around services which also include several possibilities for outdoor activities. So you will be able to spend couple of days at the beachside next to enjoy attractive hiking tours (tour guides are available), do biking to the city, sightseeing and more.

Actual News about Kamp Galeb

- Our restaurant is now opened.
- This year Wifi is free for our individual guests, we have improved our signal.
- The weather forecast is good, we expect to have very warm summer.
- The temperatures now are 20 °C and more already.

Some Events which are taking place in Omis and around (When interested, please keep in mind)

Swimming Marathon in Omiš

One of the most interesting sport events in Omiš is Swimming Marathon, which is held every year on the last Saturday in July. Locals and guests, professionals and amateurs are all invited to compete in this marathon.

At the end of this event, there is a party for contestants and announcement of winners. Competitors in the official competition usually swim 10,000 meters along the east coast of the Omiš Riviera round-trip twice from the city port to the Area of Nemira and back. A small recreational marathon is 2,000 meters long. You should consider applying to this marathon for active Holidays in Omiš. 


Concerts and recitals in churches and the cloister of the Franciscan Monastery, drama plays in town squares, exhibitions and literary evenings, folk festivals, entertainment events - Pirates Nights Crazy jumps, Fishermen's evenings

Fishermen's evenings:

NEMIRA : 2 Nights
MIMICE : 4 Nights
FOOD: 2 Species of fish 10 HRK

Festival in Omiš

Croatian culture is as old as the stone on which Dalmatia, the beautiful coastal region of Croatia, lies. The wonderful scenes with the sun, the coast and the islands are best expressed through the “klapa” singing (“klapa” is a group of male or female singers who sing in a special way, typical for Dalmatia) which is one of the facets of the old Croatian culture. To lose “klapa” singing it would mean to destroy all the links to and memories of the past and the people who cherished the traditional singing with love and passed it to every new generation. That love gave birth to the “klapa” singing Festival in Omis, a unique museum of a specific part of the Croatian culture, the museum where soul and song merges.

Always Outdoor activities in the immediate vicinity

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-route_6-omis-camp-galeb-1.jpgHike to the refuge imber height at Omis
Adventure on the zipline high above the river Cetina
Boat tour on the cetina rivernear Omis

Attractions (reachable by bike)

Walking tour of Omis - first impressions
Rafting adventure on river Cetina at Radmanove Mlinice


Exploration hike Omis Reverse Trail
Arrival at Omis and first exploration hike
Hike to the Medieval fortress of Starigrad

Attractions in the vicinity

The amphitheater of Salona
Porta Caesarea - a city gate of Salona
Sinkholes - red and blue lakes next to Imotski
Tomb stones stecci at the wayside of Imotski
Another day trip to Imotski Dolines

Satelliteinformation (GPS)  43°26'27.7"N 16°40'53.6"E   43.441015, 16.681550  (directly leads to map)


  • Camping Galeb Omiš Dalmatia
  • Travel Agency Almissa Larus d.o.o.
  • Vukovarska 7 ( camp address  )
  • 210310 Omiš
  • Tel +385(0)21 864 430

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some impressions around Kamp Galeb:


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