Lovely encounters - outlook on more hiking tours on Magaro

Lovely encounters - outlook on more hiking tours on Magaro

Several times we were on the way in the Galicica National Park on Lake Ohrid, during the various walks various had nice encounters and enjoyed the view from about 1800 meters above sea level on the beautiful lake. Already we look forward to further excursions.


More than 30 different demanding hiking tours lead along and over the here  to the National Park Galicica belonging ridge, which separates the Prespa lake from Lake Ohrid, while repeatedly allowing the view of the 2,400 -meter-high summit of the Magaro.


Along the way, we come across abandoned buildings whose owners have emigrated long time ago, since there are hardly any opportunities for a livelihood. Tourism is just at the beginning of its development.


Of course, there are still remaining farms in operation, but here, too, shows increasing decay, as not enough income from agriculture can be achieved.


Natural stone in the first layers, building on it hand-drawn bricks of unfired clay bricks speak their own language.


Along the way we also met some lumberjacks, who led their freight horses to the impact areas.


And another abandoned yard with beautiful fencing of a natural wood fence.


The gateway to paradise, who does not want to enjoy this view permanently, when deeper below the surface of the Ohridsee sparkles in the sun.


Even if it means a lot of work to farm here, they still exist, the functioning farming economy. Here the addition of some income by walkers would be perfect.


The collection of firewood and a bit of hay for the road is part of the daily work.


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