Station 46 - Prahljust campsite near Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Station 46 - Prahljust campsite near Clausthal-Zellerfeld

At 600 meters above sea level. N.N. is the Prahljust campsite with its camping area, sauna, holiday rooms and large playground in the middle of nature, far from asphalt and car exhaust fumes, in the hiking and biking paradise of Upper Harz.

Located directly on the “Harzer Hexenstieg” and in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage “Oberharzer Wasserwirtschaft”, all guests experience a unique combination of nature and culture in every season – summer and winter.

46 prahljust 02Despite the massive forest damage, we too were seduced by clear swimming lakes, nights under sparkling stars and impressive medieval cities and even chose a permanent spot over the winter. Due to the Corona pandemic, traveling was severely affected. And since there are many sights nearby such as the Clausthal Mining Museum, the Brocken, the imperial city of Goslar, the Rammelsberg, the Harz National Park, the 19-Lachter tunnel, the largest wooden church in Germany and almost all destinations can be hiked or cycled, you should we don't get bored.

Pixhaier & Schwarzenbacher pond at the campsite
Frosty hike up to the Brocken at Harz Mountain
Harzer hiking needles - one system prevails
Hiking Bad Grund – From Albert Tower to World Forest

About the history of Prahljust Camping

hanskuehnenburg 4In the Middle Ages, the area where the campsite is today was still dense forest. But then the forest was cut down and the wood was used either directly as mine wood or for charcoal burning. The name “Pixhai” (hence “Pixhaier Teich”) goes back to this, because a “shark” is a logging. The area then served as pasture for, among other things, sheep and cows (as do the meadows around the campsite today). A shepherd named “Just” is said to have achieved particular “fame” in Clausthal in the 19th century, as he was probably not easy to deal with. He became known in the city as the “Prahljust” and his sheep pasture as the “Prahljustwiese”.

This name was eventually even entered into the cadastral plan. When the founder of the campsite - Mr. Reinhard Struve - looked for a location for a new campsite in the western Harz in 1957 - 1958, he chose exactly this location. The “campground at the Prahljustwiese” opened in 1959. But since the first caravans arrived in 1960 and it was no longer just a campsite, the name changed to “Campingplatz Prahljustwiese” or later – because it was shorter – to “Camping Prahljust”. Development began in the western part of today's campsite (near the dam). At that time the access was from the Pixhaier mill. A first washhouse and “plum toilets” were added. A little later we were there with the family for the first time, it was a long time ago.

oderteichOther destinations that we explored mainly by e-bike:

Stopover at Drübeck Monastery – with a great café
Baumann Cave to the Rappbode Dam – Harzdrenaline
Brockenbahn attractive in summer and winter
Stolberg - the pearl of the southern Harz
Walpurgis Night in Sankt Andreasberg – background
Okerstausee – when will the “big” rain come?
Bad Harzburg – spa and retirement home for wealthy citizens
Market church of St. Cosmas and Damian in Goslar
Gustav Adolf Stave Church - The stave wooden church in Hahnenklee

Pitches at Camping Prahljust

46 prahljust 04The pitches (for cars + caravans or mobile homes) each have a power connection (with and without self-connection). You have a free choice of seating on site.

The team at the site tries to give the guests as much freedom as possible, but also expect consideration for other guests and the interests of the campsite. There are no coin meters for hot showers or access control at the washhouses. This is an attempt to approach the motto of many campers “Freedom under the stars”.

Equipment included

  • Shower & toilet
  • Camper room
  • Dog shower
  • Washing machines
  • Dryer
  • Drying room

Relaxation and recovery in the sauna

46 prahljust 07Did you feel a little fresh on the Brocken, the most famous mountain in the Harz? Are you a fan of tropical temperatures? Then our sauna is the right place for you! The sauna room is equipped with light wooden benches and offers space for around 15 people to take a sauna. You can cool down with a Kneipp shower

and then relax with a walk in the fresh air or on loungers in the relaxation room.

Power supply from green electricity

The electricity at our campsite is supplied by the Lichtblick company. It is 100% green electricity (no nuclear power, 100% renewable). It is used for the campsite's own consumption and the consumption of our guests. Statistically, there is an electricity consumption of around 6 kWh per person per day. A photovoltaic system has been in operation since autumn 2019 (52 kWp) and has so far produced 52 MWh. It covers around 25% of the campsite's electricity consumption. The campsite lighting has been completely converted to LED technology.

Ecological footprint of Camping Prahljust

46 prahljust 01If you divide the campsite's CO₂ emissions (due to the fossil fuels used, as electricity is 100% generated from renewable sources) by the number of overnight stays, the result is a CO₂ footprint per person and overnight stay of around 6.0 kg CO₂. This may sound like a lot, but compared to long-distance travel (air travel), it is actually a fairly manageable value.

A variety of animals live on the campsite. We tolerate this as long as our guests are not unduly disturbed. It can happen that a fox runs into your path at night.

Camper route destinations - open all year round

Attractive destinations as a stopover, even for longer stays, combined with creative outdoor opportunities!

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Next access point to the south, also for exploring Jena: Station 45 – Unter dem Jenzig

It is 218 kilometers south to the “Unter dem Jenzig” campsite on the motorway.

Other topics:

We invite you to enjoy an evening around the campfire or simply take a walk along the Saale river. Camping in Jena will be an experience that you will treasure. Mr. Steffen Albrecht is looking forward to your visit.

Campingplatz Prahljust
An den langen Brüchen 4
D-38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Tel: +49 (0) 5323 / 1300
Fax: +49 (0) 5323 / 78393
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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