Station 45 - Camping Site "Unter den Jenzig" in Jena

 Station 44 - Camping Site

The campground "Unter den Jenzig" at the green belt of Jena is located at the foot of the mountain Jenzig, which makes it an ideal starting point for city sightseeing as well as cycling and hiking along the Saale or up to the Jenzig mountain horse shoe.

From here you can easily reach the sights and places of interest in and around the city of Jena on foot or by bicycle, thanks to the well-developed cycle track network.

The family-run place is ideal as a starting point for day trips to the cultural city of Weimar, to Erfurt or along the Saale valley to Rudolfstadt or to the vineyard area around Naumburg, by bike or on scooter. Friends of hiking and walking can find 100 km long nature trails in the mountains high above the Saale valley, which are peppered with romantic, medieval castles.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-route_camping-jena-004.jpgOnly 20 minutes walk from the campsite to the center of Jena. You can easily reach the city center on foot or by bike along the Saale, by car, tram or bus. On the open lawns, you will find  non parceled space for every caravan size, optimal tent pitches on neat lawns and caravan sites, which, like all pitches, are supplied by electricity points. The pools of Jenaer Ostbad are also located in directly adjacent neighborhood.

The mountain restaurants of the Jenzig and the Fuchsturm, the Kernberg-Horizontale with a wonderful view of Jena and numerous hiking trails of the nature conservation project Oberes Saaletal with the unique fauna and flora of the limestone cliffs invite you to go hiking in the immediate vicinity of the camping. If you are looking for a small climbing trip, the Rabenschüssel in Jena-Maua is recommended.

The Saale cycle path, the famous route from the source to the mouth of the river Saale, is one of the most challenging and varied cycling trails in Germany, passing directly through Jena and also at the Campsite Jena.

The castles and fortresses along the Saale bear witness to the rich history of this region. Regularly held medieval spectacle on the Leuchtenburg near Kahla, the Dornburg castles with their well-kept gardens and their dramatic location high above the Saaletal, castle Großkochberg bears testimonies of the classical period of Weimar. There are romantic castle ruins to be discovered on some of the hills.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-route_camping-jena-003.jpgDestinations in Jena and around the campsite:

From Camping - Hiking Tour through the inner city of Jena
Hiking to the ruins of Kunitz Castle - Castle on Gleißberg
St. Michael in Jena - exhibition on holocaust in Boryslaw
The seven wonders of Jena - Schnapphans and Hanfried
Medieval wall remains - towers and gates in Jena
Passing Kunitzer Covered Bridge to the village of Kunitz
Flora at the edge of Kunitzburg castle ruins natural way

Destinations in the surrounding area:

Hiking from Kahla up to the Leuchtenburg via Seitenroda
From Campsite Unter dem Jenzig to Kahla at Saale river
Streetart on buildings and bridges in Rudolfstadt

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From Jena Camping Unter dem Jenzig to Caravan-Salon

We invite you to enjoy an evening at the camp fire or just take a walk along the Saale. Camping in Jena will thus be an experience which they will appreciate. Mr. Steffen Albrecht is looking forward to your visit.

Camping Jena "Under the Jenzig"
On the Erlkönig 3
07749 Jena
Steffen Albrecht
Phone: +49 3641 66 66 88
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GPS: 50 ° 56'11.0 "N 11 ° 36'29.3" E 50.936380, 11.608144 (direct to google maps)



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