Camper route for wintering across the Balkans to the south

Camper route for wintering across the Balkans to the south

Since May 2014, as part of our cultural project "Comprehension and cultural journey along the Roman road system" to promote local cultural heritage in conjunction with booming camper tourism, we have been developing a route concept across the Balkans to the south, which will also lead to a variety of acquaintances and encounters Campers, regardless of whether they are traveling with a caravan, camper van or motorhome.

How often have the conversations drifted towards "wintering" in the south in conjunction with a safe route across the Balkans along the Mediterranean. What initially looked like just an idea for overwintering developed into a conceptual approach in the following months: overwintering in Cyprus, Crete, Turkey or the Peloponnese in Greece with corresponding intermediate destinations in the Balkans. The journey to spend the winter should also include stopovers in the Balkans, which are safe locations, even in winter, that allow stays of several days with attractive outdoor hiking and cycling options. Alternative to Spain, Tunisia or Sicily!

Overwinter in Cyprus, Crete, Turkey or the Peloponnese

station 4 aquileiaLast year we were surprised by the strong demand for places to overwinter in warmer climes on the Mediterranean. Numerous campers reported from Sicily, Spain, even Morocco and Tunisia. Is it just the lack of well-known campsites, or is it the journey through previously little-known countries that discouraged wintering in southeastern Europe? We drove the tour across the Balkans in the caravan several times and there were never any real problems. We investigated a variety of questions before we came to an initial concept. Of course, the route can be used all year round, no question about it, and it is not just intended for long-term travelers. Rather, it should offer stopovers that can contribute significantly to the development of camper tourism in the Balkans, to the benefit of the local population.

station 12 thessalonikiWe worked accordingly on a concept that doesn't make the journey too strenuous: at intervals of around 250 - 450 kilometers, we suggest destinations that are equipped with appropriate camper equipment for several days of stay, so that the time On site itself intended for cultural visits or outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking, but can also be used with many other activities offered on site. This means that you still have the opportunity to visit cultural sites or events while on the move, and open spaces for your own use are always possible. Corresponding offers have been coordinated with local institutions in the Balkans. We are active in the field of cultural tourism before the implementation of the project and we have the relevant knowledge and contacts.

station 24 izmir The existing network of such places is continually being expanded and is also suitable for longer stays, so that nothing stands in the way of overwintering in the south. Every interested party is absolutely free to plan their tour in terms of time and finances and can determine their own destinations and locations. The locations we propose are prepared for camper tourism, are open all year round and offer attractive leisure activities. Here we can also provide extensive advice and suggestions.

All sites to be visited are equipped according to European standards for camper campsites, and some hotel facilities are also available on site for camper friends.

station 25 okucalarIf you have any further questions, suggestions or information about wintering in Southeastern Europe, please contact the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

During the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, the CMT in Stuttgart and other trade fairs, partially guided camper tours through Albania, Macedonia and Greece are also offered, which can then also be used for wintering. Hints and tips on this topic are welcome.

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