To the end of the year a last Christmas market in Erfurt

To the end of the year a last Christmas market in Erfurt

Completely different from the usual tradition that the Christmas markets almost close on Christmas Eve everywhere, we were amazed that at least a large number of small Christmas markets were still open during our visit to Erfurt.


Characterized by one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in Germany, the center of Erfurt is a delightful mixture of rich patrician houses and lovingly reconstructed half-timbered houses.


Mariendom and Severikirche, this monumental, unmistakable building ensemble and at the same time the symbol of Erfurt, was bathed in warm light during our tour.


Christmas melodies paired with modern music sounded and the smell of mulled wine and gingerbread was still in the air. This unique old town is the ideal setting for an atmospheric Christmas season until the end of December with some special Christmas markets.


The main attractions of the large Erfurt Christmas market are the approximately 25-meter-high, festively illuminated Christmas fir tree, the Christmas crib with 14 hand-carved, almost life-sized wooden figures, the 12-meter-high original Erzgebirge Christmas pyramid together with the 5 meter high Advent wreath.


From the cathedral square to the fish market, the castle bridge, the Anger to Willy-Brandt-Platz, dealers in more than 200 wooden houses decorated for Christmas, offer everything that belongs to Advent and Christmas.


Above all, the well-known Thuringian specialties, such as the Thuringian Christstollen, should not be missing on the Christmas market. A Christmas market bakery invites young visitors to bake cookies.


Quite interesting is the spreading of the Christmas markets across the entire city center of Erfurt, with the just the central market directly at the cathedral.


So there was the so-called Luther market at the Luther Church, where we had a little snack. Of course with the original Thuringian bratwurst, which is also offered here without a simmer. Simply delicious.


A completely different picture at the Erfurt Broad Bean Christmas market. It was interesting to read how this name came about. One of the stall operators is dropping from Erfurt to Erfurt, from broad bean to broad bean, so to speak, according to the market. This concept should be reflected in the stage program and in the fairytale house.


Erfurt bands, DJs and individual artists play guitar on stage. Children's choirs, dance groups, choirs and clubs perform. The fairy tale house is creative, clubs in Erfurt introduce themselves with handicrafts and creative actions. Visual artists and the storyteller with short stories can be seen and heard.


And of course they should not be missing, the crib figures around Christmas.

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