Day trip to Vevčani - walk along the watercourses

Day trip to Vevčani - walk along the watercourses

At the Campsite Rino we met with Jana and her daughter Lucinka from Prague and decided for a day trip to the mountain village of Vevčani on the next day.


Directly at the entrance to the natural park behind this door is a still used water mill for grinding the local grain. We shall return to this water mill later.


An overview map at the entrance to the nature park gives an impression of the various hiking possibilities here in the Jablanica mountains, the ascent paths begin directly at the place.


Now, after the hot summer, there was very little water in the spring area, so we took a walk along the watercourses, which also supplied the village with spring water.


Rest areas below high trees ensure the high recreational value in the natural park.


A small chapel was then a destination and a photo-motif at the same time, here the small altar with some donated money for the preservation of the chapel.


Lucinka was visibly impressed and deeply absorbed by the candle her mother had lit for her - a small donation was asked for.


In the upper part, the springs and watercourses are still in natural surroundings, without any artificial fences and surrounded by dense woodland.


A beautiful cafe at the stream let us finish the trip to Vevčani for this afternoon - a wonderful day trip from the Campsite Rino.

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